Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sauntering around Puxton 20

A bit of an easy one to end the week.  It's been all about testing the old back and pleased to say it has got through fine, well almost.  Still feel the odd twinge but with a couple of twenty milers and a thirty covered without any problems it would be good to think that injury problems are all sorted.
Had an pleasant circuit out to Puxton and back through Banwell.  The weather was warm but a lot duller than of late.  The only thing to report of significance was the sighting, near Wick St Lawrence, of a tiny mammal scampering across the road, almost under the front wheel.  Back at the ranch, out come the wildlife books and a browse through the inter web and the conclusion is, it was a pygmy shrew.  Cant be certain of that, it moves so quick but you have to make an educated guess about these things.

20 miles today taking the week's mileage to 78, much more than was expected.

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