Thursday, 12 July 2018

Back in the saddle again 3

After 12 days off the bike with back and other related issues came back Tuesday from an MRI scan with a definitive answer what the problem is. An inflamed fractal joint.  The advice from those that know, was not to rest and take it easy, but gentle exercise will be far more beneficial than binge watching 'Breaking Bad'.  (A brilliant series if you have Netflix and this is the second time of viewing it). Yesterday afternoon, went a 600 yard walk on the prom and today, after a short ride around our drive, decided to venture out for a cycle down the prom.  It went brilliantly, in fact it was far more comfortable than walking, no pain at all.  Took the youngest grandson with me and we hunted Grommit down, found him on the pier.  So excited to be out again I forgot to turn Strava on until part the way back so the recorded 1.45 miles should really be 3.  A good way forward this, will try and keep it in perspective (the Old Gits are doing a 45 miler tomorrow, not yet thank you).

Grommit and Lincoln

Definitely try similar tomorrow, must do what the doctor ordered!

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