Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Old Gits on Reverse Route 24

With the Old Gits riding the alternative route to the Caffle's Garden Centre and back.  Another nice day was forecast and with 14 riders starting from the north end of the prom, 'a splendid time was guaranteed for all'.  What Beatles song is that from then?

Hewish Signal Box

Just before going into the coffee stop, took a small diversion to check out this old signal box on the Taunton to Bristol line.  Long since been made redundant, the building has been converted into a private dwelling although an unmanned level crossing is a few yards away.  Photo has been taken to show the magnificent display of daffodils and hyacinths that the owners have troubled to make.  I thought this was the River Oldbridge running by but the maps show it as a new drainage ditch or rhyne.

Mind your head!

A shot of the same building from a different angle on the other side of the tracks.  Just started to compose the picture when the alarms sounded, the lights flashed and the barrier started coming down. A rapid repositioning then took place to get out of the way.  The injury would have been lessened because wearing a cycle helmet would have reduced the damage!

A good day out today, covered 24 miles in total.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Puxton Prowl 21

Another nice day, dry, moderate wind (from the NE unfortunately), and the sun that was promised at 11 was a little bit late, arriving at 12.  All in all it made for a pleasant ride round the lanes.  Went out to Banwell via Hutton and back to Weston through Puxton.

The Big Wheel

As the saying goes,'What goes round, comes round.  It's back from its winter break, normally hibernating in Birmingham.  Only took them a day to put it up and it was back earning money this last weekend.  Right on the sea front, ideal spot for the visitors.  Excellent views when its clear so, if ever you are in Weston........

Took it easy around the 21 miles logged today,  Old Gits day tomorrow.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Usual route to Burnham on Sea 27

The terrain from Weston to Burnham is perfect for my fitness levels and abilities.  Don't do hills very well so the Somerset Levels is the perfect place to go. The occasional railway or motorway bridges are no problem and the only downside is it does mean using the same roads on a regular basis.  Luckily there are enough variations to make them interesting although the photo opportunities are restricted.

Brean Down

One of the last hills in the Mendip chain, Brean Down juts out into the Severn Estuary and is a popular beauty spot visited by locals and tourists alike. It is only about a mile from where I live but to reach it means a 9 mile ride!  Thankfully a local group have sorted out a cycle path that crosses the River Axe which will shorten the distance by about 5 miles, and, on a traffic free cycle path.  This is due to open on the 1st May.  Can't wait.

27 miles covered today, target for the week exceeded so job done.  

Friday, 24 March 2017

A ride around Wrington 27

Taking a spin out to Wrington today.  Last time I went there, the tea rooms were closed and a cup of tea at a burger bar was the best that was on offer.  Went to have a look around the town centre of Weston first, to find some graffiti (street art some would say) that is in the area where the older shops are.  Then it will be Congresbury, along the side of the Mendips to Wrington for tea, and back through Sanford and Banwell.

The General Lee

One of the 'stars' of the TV series the Dukes of Hazard, the General Lee was a 1969 Dodge Charger used by the Duke family.  Here it is, rather miniaturised unfortunately, on the side of a toy store in Weston, in rather a familiar barrel roll heading for the mudguard on the bike.

Captain America - Not!

More street art seen on a boarded up shop, again in the older part of town.  I'm sure this is how the President of the USA must see himself, not so sure the rest of the world does.

Wrington Tea Room 

The aptly named Little Red Beetle is a tea room and craft shop in Wrington.  Aptly named looking at the car the owner drives!

Good ride out today. Still a chilly NE wind but at least it was dry.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

To Stoneleigh for a Charity ride 27

Up in the Midlands for a couple of days and taking a little bit of time out to do something for Comic Relief, an annual national fund raising event to raise money for disadvantaged people both at home and abroad.  Mick has latched onto a charity cycle ride from Lands End to John O'Groats, done over a 3 day period by as many volunteers as possible.  The event was held at the National Agriculture Centre cafe at Stoneleigh so Graham and I rode out there to meet Mick and do our bit.

My turn on the wheel!

We agreed to do 15 minutes each, around 5 miles and this is Mick on the left and Graham making sure that the settings on the bike were set correctly before trudging off.  The staff managing this said that 450 miles had been covered to this time so that would put us travelling through the middle of Glasgow!  The Comic Relief headgear was optional and was discarded after the photoshoot!

Spring is nearly here, honest

Riding back through Leamington stopped to admire the daffodils near to the Victoria Park.  Although it was not too warm today, with a cold NE wind, the sun was poking through and there was a definite spring feel in the air.  Long may it continue.

27 miles today.  2.5 not recorded because the phone was not turned on at the start.  19.5 miles was recorded plus, of course, the 5 mile on the exercise bike, which in actual fact raised the old pulse rate a bit.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Old Gits on the normal run 23

Went on the normal Old Gits run with 12 other OGs.  It is the first day of spring today, the vernal equinox, but no sign of that in the weather, a strongish NW wind and heavy showers although the sun did shine a fair bit and made life a little more pleasant.
We did the normal route, out to Banwell, Winscombe, Sanford and back through Hewish where we stopped for refreshments.  It was then a bit of a battle getting back home against that wind.

Despite the weather conditions, had some good banter and clocked up 23 miles.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Sand Bay Saunter 14

Didn't think I was going to get out today.  The morning and early afternoon was shocking, heavy rain and wind, but it cleared up enough around 3.30 for a little ride out.  Out with the Old Gits tomorrow so ideally, keep the mileage down.  Went out through Kewstoke to Sand Bay and back through  Worle.  No photographs today, not much different out there to be honest.

Used the mountain bike, it all checked out ready for tomorrow.  Just under 14 miles today.