Monday, 18 February 2019

Brent Knoll and back. 16

The unseasonal weather continues and just grateful that it isn't a problem getting out for these 'rehabilitation' rides. The target is to join the Old Gits on the next Burnham on Sea run which is scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month, the next being on the 5th March, 15 days away.  

The Levels and Brent Knoll

Picture taken on the return journey.  This looking south from the Brean Sluice Gate on the River Axe.  Taken sans bike for a change.  Just after the disappointment of finding the nearby cafe at Diamond Farm caravan site is closed till the end of March.  The little hill on the horizon is Brent Knoll a 300+ feet lump that sticks up out of the Somerset levels. The River Axe on the right.

16 miles today, and I have to say fairly easy.  Getting near that 20 mile mark.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Wandering around Weston. 12

16 degrees.  Cant be good.  Hope we are not going to pay for this later.   Not had a bad week this week but one more won't hurt.  Just going to stay mainly on the flat with a couple of railway lines to cross over but they are no problem now.  Went out to Worle and slightly beyond and returned via an alternative route using. mainly cycle paths.

Level crossing.

Just past Worle Railway Station is a level crossing and when I arrived there the red lights were flashing indicating a train was due.  Just had time to get the camera out, park the bike and woosh, it was through.  It was going a fair old lick so must have been one of GWRs that hadn't stopped at Worle.  Had to rescue the bike immediately it had gone by otherwise the bike would have been 30 feet up in the air when the barrier lifted.

Spring is not far away

Using the cycle track alongside the busy A370, noticed some of the hawthorn bushes in the hedgerows were quite advanced with their leaf growth.  Now that is a good sign.

Nice one today. Just over twelve miles, just need to improve the average now, 8.8 mph is a bit slow really.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Uphill Reserve with Norm. 6

Another sunny day, much warmer temperatures than normal for a February, so would be a shame to miss out on a ride.  Chatted with Norman, one of the Old Gits, and going out through Uphill Nature Reserve seemed a good option.  We went out later on in the afternoon so it did start to get a bit chilly with the skies so clear and failing light made us turn back early.  Still did a nice 6 miles.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Double rides and double mileage. 17

Time to push the boat out a bit and perhaps get the mileage into double figures.  Heading out to Worle which is 3 to 4 miles away and on the way calling on Andy, one of the Old Gits.  Rather than ride on the main roads, Andy has lived in Weston a long time and knows a lot of the minor roads and cycle paths which I don't so some new pastures for me.   

Nice parking; Idiot!

Rode along one cycle path through one of the estates and there at the end, completely blocking the entrance to the minor road was this car.  In fact we had to cycle along the footpath until we reached a 'drop kerb' where we could easily get back onto the road.  No surprise it was still there when we returned down the same road.  Some mothers do 'ave 'em.

'JPS' graffiti

Never noticed this graffiti before though it has been on the rear of this building for about 5 years.  In all fairness I normally ride in the opposite direction so wouldn't spot it.  The tag on this clever piece of street art is someone who signs him/herself JPS. A lot of this work has appeared over the years in this area.  Might be a mate of Banksy.

Enjoyed that ride and the cup of tea at the Worle Sainsburys.  Did 12 miles all told so well pleased with that.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Milton and Locking Road. 8.5

Quite a nice today with the forecast promising warmer drier weather for the next week.  Hope to make the most of this.  Went out today along the prom and continued up the hill.

Birnbeck Pier

The old Victorian Pier which has been sadly neglected for quite a number of years and is virtually falling apart now.  There is a charity dedicated to saving it but the task ahead is enormous.  A bit of a climb to get to this point which was fairly easy using the low gearing on the bike.  Dropped back down to the sea front and went a couple of miles up the Milton Road and returned home along the busy Locking Road.

Another good ride covering 8.5 miles.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Prom and Uphill Circuit. 8

Feel pretty good after yesterday's workout so off down the promenade and see if a little hill might be worth challenging.  Started off down the prom to get warmed up, a bit difficult in the fairly strong NW wind.   Felt fairly comfortable so decided to head for Weston Hospital and Uphill Village.  Just outside of the village is a short hill of about a 60 feet climb that would be a nice little test for the old legs and lungs.  And so it turned out to be.  Sailed up it without much effort and no after affects.

Recuperation all going well.  That was an 8 miler under the belt so won't be long before double figures will be the norm.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Promenade plus. 6

Not a very pleasant day to be out on a recuperating ride.  After managing the prom OK the other day feel good enough to push a bit further on today.  The weather was not very clever, a fairly strong SW wind, cold with it with fairly heavy showers at times so had to wait until mid afternoon for the wind to calm down from gusts of 40mph plus to a more sedate 20 after 3pm.  Tackled a couple of very slight inclines without bother so may may try something a little more ambitious tomorrow.  Overall well pleased how the first couple of rides have gone.

The added on bit through the town and round the roads behind the sea front pushed the mileage up to a heady 5.7.  Getting there!