Monday, 21 January 2019

To the Victorian Cafe and back. 1.96

Pushing the boat out a bit today aiming for the Victorian Cafe nearer the town. Stayed on the promenade throughout and found it very pleasant getting there but not quite so good going back into a chilly SW wind.Took our time and had toast with our cuppa which made the journey back less arduous.  Total today was 1.96 miles so well pleased with that.

Sand Bay saunter. 1

Taking a break from the prom and was driven (can't drive for 2 weeks) over the northern headland at Weston to Sand Bay.  You will have to ignore the map because I forgot to turn the Strava off motoring back to Weston!

Sand Bay front.

A bit overcast as you can see but it wasn't too cold and at least it was dry.  Parked up on the road and walked along the sea front and intended to have a cuppa at the cafe along there.  Unfortunately, if you only want tea between 1230 and 1400  you have to sit outside.  We stood there at 1300 and agreed that it wasn't that warm so we gave it a miss.  The land mass in the distance is Weston Woods, the town is on the other side and the old Birnbeck Pier is the extreme right.  The shoreline here is a Site of Scientific Interest with many unusual plants and insects about.

Taking off the motoring bit of the day, covered 1.07 miles.

As mentioned, forgot to turn off Strava on the way back but the distance covered according to my Apple watch was 1.06 miles.  Happy with that even though the old legs ached a bit.  Apart from that, fine.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Tropicana and back 1

Third day of recovery and it is all going well.  At least the weather has been reasonable, if a bit chilly.  The target today was to do a mile and just covered it nicely with a walk down the promenade to the Bay Cafe at the tropicana for a cup of tea and a slow walk back along the Beach Road admiring some of the old Victorian buildings.

Flowerdown House

This is one on the Beach Road and it is owned and run by the R.A.F Association and it is run as a hotel and/or a respite home for serving and ex personnel of the R.A.F

Dewdown House

This care home is a short distance from the R.A.F on and offers care and respite for the elderly (over 65 years.  It includes care for dementia patients.  It is managed and owned by the Salvation Army

Another good leisurely walk today.  Clocked up 1.06 miles so well chuffed with that.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Day two of recuperation.

Day two of the 'getting better' regime. No after affects from that mammoth 0.6 miles yesterday so pushed the boat out a bit to increase the walk a little bit.  Went a bit further along the prom and then cut across the Beach Lawns and went back through Clarence Park.  That was a good move as there was a pretty nippy SE wind blowing and most of the way back was sheltered from that.  Couldn't go past one of the Old Gits houses without popping in for a cup of tea.  0.8 miles today so the obvious target tomorrow is at least a mile.   To think yesterday, some mates went out and rode 57 miles to Bristol.  Green with envy me.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

The first post-op walk along the road to recovery

After a few days in hospital undergoing a bit of a stomach operation, desperate to get back to cycling again although my doctor has said that will have to wait at least 4 weeks.  AAAAAAAARGH!  Need to do something so I suppose walking is better than nothing. It was a glorious morning, the sun was shining but there was a rather chilly NW wind whistling alongtheu prom.  Ventured out tentatively not sure how far I would get, the target was to the far end of the contentious beach huts.  As it turned out, that was far enough; it was time to turn back and call it a day.  Felt so much better for doing it though and although it was only 0.6 mile that is a good start.  Will try and make it a mile tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Old Gits Tuesday

Out with the Old Gits on a normal run today but left out the big hills around Banwell.  Diverted through Banwell and took the river road up to Puxton.  Rode with one of the Old Gits who is recovering from a hospital visit so took the easier route today.  Often seen kingfishers darting in the hedgerows along the River Banwell here but none today.  Not a bad day really, not much wind from the NE, a little cold heading into the wind but it did brighten up later.
The pair of us arrived at Caffles, the teashop, some time before the others so we had an extended coffee break.  Not much else to report really.  Apparently the lanes that we missed out on the hilly side of Banwell were very muddy so it was good that we avoided the,.

Clocked up 21 miles today.

Friday, 4 January 2019

The Old Git's Friday gang head to Cheddar. 37

Not very wise to go out today!  The forecast puts the temperature outside as minus 2 degrees.  Not good.  Went out regardless and met up with three other OGs at Tescos and  rode out to Worle to pick up another one near Worle and a sixth on the road between Puxton and Sandford. I think by now the temperature was more like one degree below and felt like it. The aim, initially, was to go to Cheddar Gorge but that was fairly flexible. See how the ride pans out.

Shute Shelve Tunnel.

By the time we got to Winscombe on the Strawberry Line, I had to confess that I was feeling the cold and was struggling a bit. The suggestion that they carry on and I would go back to Weston was met with, "let's go and get a cup of tea and decide from there."  We went into Winscombe to Charlotte's Tea Room and it was closed!  Had to wait nearly ten minutes for it to open and after a cup of tea, a sit by a heater, I felt more confident to carry on.  We got back on the Strawberry Line and aimed for Axbridge and Cheddar.  It didn't feel any warmer unfortunately!  Stopped for a 'posy' photograph at the the entrance to the recently refurbished Shute Shelve Tunnel.  Going through the tunnel, resisted to temptation to whistle and sing in case we disturbed the resident bats!

On the outskirts of Cheddar, we had a change of plan. One of us diverted to go home, the rest turned south to Wedmore where we had another necessary cup of tea at an exorbitant cost in the only tea room of many that seemed to be open.  A captive audience. Met a couple in there from Weston who help to organise world wide cycling tours that seem interesting.  Cheddar today, Vietnam or Albania tomorrow. Perhaps not.
The sun came out for the remainder of the ride home which helped a bit and I clocked up 37 miles today.  Pleased with that considering I was about to give-up (that should never be an option).