Sunday, 17 December 2017

Weston Christmas Cracker 18

Not a very nice morning but two reasons to get out. Firstly to try and reach the weekly target and secondly, it is the Weston Athletic Club Christmas Cracker Race a good event to get some photographs.  Went out through Hutton and went back to Weston via Wick St Lawrence and Kewstoke.  Perfect timing as the runners were gathering around the pier for the 1100 start.


A bit of a shame, the light drizzle was turning into rain as the runners were assembling.  It didn't dampen their spirits though, there was a good atmosphere on the promenade.  Number 1899, Olaf was quite happy to pose for a picture.  Hope he does well in the fancy dress competition and the race.

The three penguins

Some more candidates for the fancy dress prize.  Very sensible attire for the cold, wet and windy conditions for the 10K event.  A cheerful trio, hope they did well in the race.

On your marks........

Getting ready for the off.  This annual event is held to raise funds for the Weston Hospice at Uphill.  This year there are 2,500 entrants and do a good job supporting the Uphill facility.  Some of the Old Gits are active members of the Athletic Club, one is the president, one is judging the fancy dress (too late to put a word in for Olaf and the penguins) and another is a marshall having trained a bunch of newbies to run the event.  The course is along the beach to Uphill and is 10K.

A mile in

After leaving the pier, it is along the beach to Royal Sands, back to the pier and then the full length of the beach to Uphill, return along the road.  By the time this was taken it was time to call it a day.  Hands and feet were cold and with home in sight (behind the runners) a shower and a cup of tea was too big a pull to resist.

Both aims achieved today.  After the 18 miler today, the weekly total ended up as 100.8 miles.  

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Usual circuit to Burnham on Sea 26

The weather has certainly improved over the last few days, so much so layers are being shed all over the place!  It has gone from about 2 centigrade on Tuesday, to 8 degrees today, Saturday.  Having said that, with the wind coming off the sea at about 15/20 mph the chill factor does make it cold.
Did the usual ride to Burnham today, out on the A370, to Mark, Highbridge and the Bay View Cafe at Burnham.  The cafe was fairly busy today, locals sheltering a bit from the wind no doubt.  Back to Weston via Brean and the new cycle path.
No pictures today, nothing changed out there.  If the wildlife would oblige, could have had three herons, two little egrets and a kestrel hovering over the Uphill Reserve.
Clocking up 26 miles, that has made the 100 target within fairly easy reach for tomorrow.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Old Gits Training to Wrington 35

Another training day for some of the Old Gits.  We seem to have settled on a Friday morning now, and as long as someone nominates a meeting point and circulates it to interested parties, we seem to have a viable system working.  Today, four of us met at a Tesco Express, one normally used by the Old Gits on a Tuesday, and we agreed to head out towards Churchill and Wrington and to stop for refreshments at The Mother Hen Tea Room in the centre of Wrington.  Went out through Banwell, Sandford and climbed up the hill to Churchillll.  From Wrington after refs. we went to Congresbury, Yatton, back along the Strawberry Line to Puxton and back to Weston.
It wasn't as cold as we thought it would be and with wall to wall sun, overall it was very pleasant.  No photographs today.  If a little egret, sitting on the bank of the River Yeo, had sat still long enough, there would have been a close up shot to savour.  Not today, I think the herons at Mark had passed word to him that I was about.

A useful 35 miles today,

Old Gits out on a frosty morning. 21

 Out with the Old Gits on a reverse route run to Caffles garden centre.     7
Started today from Knightstone to be joined later at the Caffles garden centre by several others who were wary about the road conditions.  There was also a couple with  long term sick notes.  The register was marked accordingly.  There was one casualty after we went through Sand Bay, a slip on the camber of an icy patch but thankfully the bike was not damaged.  Oh, and the rider was OK as well.  Overall it was a chilly old day but once again, layers worked.

Big Al

One of the walking wounded, recovering from an leg operation, he made it to Caffles and made himself comfortable with a foot stool, blanket and a loan of an elf hat.  In good spirits, it was good to see him recovering well.

Tea and toast

Amongst other fare.  They do a good bacon sandwich at Caffles together with some excellent home made cakes.  I can recommend the apple cake.

A good ride, conditions could have been worse but with just the one icy patch, we were quite lucky.  21 miles covered today.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Puxton and Sanford Saunter 23

Not much to report today.  Needed at least a 20 miler to achieve the weekly target so just stayed fairly local and did a circuit around Puxton, Sanford and Banwell.   It was quite cold but not too windy and the layers worked a treat.  Purchased some reheatable hand warmers on Friday and tried them out today.  Not very good at all to be honest, waste of a fiver.  They are gel pads with a small metal plate inside.  Boil them for 15 minutes and that energises the gel until the disc is 'clicked'.  Started off well but only lasted for about 15 minutes.  Not much good on a two hour ride.  Bought them in an outdoor shop called Trespass.  Guess where I am going today, receipt in hand. So, apart from cold hands, the ride was good and achieved the mileage.  Job done.  102 miles for the week.

PS.  No photos, hands were too cold!

Friday, 8 December 2017

A cold blow to Burnham 27

Met up with Phil, an Old Git, for a 'training run' down the coast to Burnham on Sea.  A cold wind doth blow today, belting down from the NNW, so rather than get tangled up in sleet showers which were forecast for other parts of North Somerset, heading south on the Somerset Levels.  Did the circuit anti clockwise so the wind was behind us on the way out, but into your face on the way back.  Thanks today to the inventor of the balaclava and hand warmers.


The weather was not conducive to a long ride today so we opted for an easy trip to Burnham.  This is the third time this week!  Several Old Gits indicated they would be out today but just the one turned up on time.  One did phone me just after we left the Beach Hut rendezvous point but never heard the ring.  We did leave it for 7/8 minutes but it was getting cold out on the prom.  Travelling on the Pill Road into Mark, saw this burnt out car in a ditch.  Must have happened last night seeing the Police Aware tape around it.  Odd place for an incident like this, the road is fairly straight at this point.

After tea, toast and a warm at Bay View Cafe, found it a lot colder riding into the wind.  Riding through Berrow and away from the sea front there was some shelter from the wind.  Clocked up 27 miles today, to be honest, that was just enough.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Old Gits go to Burnham on Sea 26

First Tuesday in the month is the day when the Old Gits go across the Levels to Burnham on Sea for a change of scenery to the Banwell area of North Somerset.  Meeting up at the beach huts on Weston prom, 14 old boys set off through Uphill nature reserve and over to Lympsham, Brent Knoll and Mark before going through Highbridge marina to Burnham. That is where a late arrival caught us up,

That time of year

Missed out on a good photo opportunity today.  Normally we go to Wetherspoons for refreshments but we heard today that their kitchen was 'not functional' so an alternative had to be found.  Someone knew of the Chatterbox, a small cafe off the sea front.  We took over, nearly filling half the seating area. First time we have been there, not too bad at all, reasonable service.  The only was, I didn't take a photo of the event.  Thought about it 1 mile from home.  Called in the Westcroft Egg Farm so some of the Old Gits could stock up on their eggs.  Took this seasonal photo outside.  Bah humbug!

Nearly home

Back on the cycle track over the River Axe at Brian and through Uphill nature reserve and marina.  Took this picture of some of the group making their way along Links Road in Uphill

Good ride today, the weather was fairly kind again.  Have to say, we have been fortunate over the last few months.  Tagged up 27 miles today.