Tuesday, 22 May 2018

17 Old Gits go out to play 23

Good turn out today for a 'reverse' route to the watering hole at Caffles Garden Centre.  Might be something to do with the weather of course, light wind, sunny and a nice temperature.  Started at Knightstone at the end of the prom ( 2 miles too late but that is where the Strava was switched on) and over to Sand Bay, Wick St Lawrence before the tea stop.

Railway Bridge, Wick Lane

A red light held us up at this bridge so it was an opportunity to hang back and take this photo.  Funny lights these, a cyclist can go on green when they change but they also go to green on the other side before you can get over.  This prompts black looks from drivers coming the opposite way.


Made it to Caffles in good time and Tina and the gang had anticipated our needs by setting up tables outside in one of their greenhouses.  It was perfect in there, nicely shaded from the sun with a gentle breeze wafting through the green mesh.  Pity we had to get up and carry on!

Went back towards Banwell and clocked up 23 miles in total compensating for the 2 missed at the beginning!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Banwell and Winscombe circuit. 23

Might as well get a few miles under the belt on such a nice morning.  Nothing too strenuous, just a ride around a couple of the nearby villages to Weston.  Went out through Banwell, Sandford and Churchill before turning right onto the A38 for a bit of a climb up through Star.  Back then through Winscombe, Banwell again and home to Weston.  Nothing else to report other than no photographs and it was a very enjoyable 23 miles.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Wedding, what wedding? 29

Another sunny day, minimal wind and temperature heading towards 20 degrees.  Just taking a bimble around the levels and heading to Burnham on Sea.  Nothing too strenuous at all, just an easy ride today.  

Make an effort!

As it is the Royal Wedding today, must make an effort and show a bit of interest.  I noticed that the cafe in a caravan in the corner of Apex Park in Burnham was open so called in for a cup of tea.  There was bread pudding on offer for 80p for a huge slice so had to be tempted to have a dollop of that.  Best place to sit and eat it was under the Union Jack bunting by the outside seating area so had to get one of the waitresses to take a picture.  There, I have been involved in it all.

Uphill Marina

Climbing the hill in Uphill Nature Reserve, the below view opens up when you reach the top.  Part of Brean Down on the left, the marina in the middle and Uphill Church.  No roof but services are held there on the odd occasion.

A very pleasant 29 miles today. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Six Old Gits visit the airport 44

With five other Old Gits went on a bit of hill training out to Bristol Airport.  Certainly the right place to go for a bit of extra exercise the climb up the hills to the north of the Mendips was about 600 feet with some naughty bits added into the mix.  Luckily it was a cracking day for a ride which seem to make the hills less steep.

Cow Mooovement

Going out through Puxton to get to Wrington and the Mother Hen Tea Rooms, came to a grinding halt when rounding a bend to find about 80 cows being herded across the road.  What was impressive about it was the hitec string and piece of paper which kept these half ton beasts from straying off the intended path.

Mother Hen

At Wrington which we hit at about 17 miles, stopped for tea and cake.  We needed that for what was around the corner.  We had a big debate as to the best way up to the airport with the general agreement amongst those that knew, Goblin Combe was the least preferred choice and should be avoided.  Out to the village of Redhill and a lane off to the left should do it.  Leaving Wrington it was hard to get going again up the steep climb that led out of the village.  Thanks to Mother Hen for taking the photo, from l to r, Steve, Tim, Phil, me, Simon and Big Al.  (Big Al did really well today after recent operations).

Guess what?

After a long climb up to Redhill, the maps said turn left for the airport.  What did we find at that junction?  This fingerpost.  It was quite tough in places, and narrow with more traffic on it than we anticipated.  The postman in his van overtook us four times!  Taking it steady though, it was not as bad as we feared.

We did it

A conveniently located airplane spotter, you could tell even though he wasn't wearing an anorak, obliged us by taking our photo.  Had to get the plane readying for take off to prove we did it.

There she goes

And one coming in

From here it was an exhilarating ride down Brockley Combe, over to Claverham and Yatton where we stopped at the railway station for another cuppa.  From here it was plain sailing along the Strawberry Line to Sandford, Puxton and Weston.

A good ride enjoyed by all today.  A plus 40 miler, my total was 44 miles.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The 3Cyclists around Coventry 35

Up in Leamington today and met up with Mick and Graham on the Greenway at Kenilworth.  This is Mick's home territory and he took us around the leafy lanes of Warwickshire.  A chilly start to the day but it warmed up nicely at the end.

Berkswell Tea Room

Actually the ride was in two halves, one getting to and from the meeting place and the main ride was around Balsall Common, Canley and Warwick University.  The tea stop was at the village store/tea rooms in the centre of the village of Berkeswell.  Quaint old place which takes you back forty years.  The owner, a nice old boy (that's rich coming from us), took the below photo showing Grahm handing me the 'token'; my turn to fork to for refreshments next time.  Note the china cups and saucers, very swish.

The Red Rocket

The University was an eyeopener.  Not having been round here for three years or more there has been so much building going on it was difficult for Graham and I to get our bearings and find our way around.  We pleaded with him not to leave us alone we would never find our way out!  Nice cafe has also appeared, the Red Rocket.  Cash not accepted, cards only, the way we are going I suppose.

Left Mick a short time after this  and cycled back to Leamington.  Covered 35 miles today.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Around Sand Bay plus operator error! 22

Should have been out with the Old Gits today but a prior engagement got in the way.  Made a mild complaint about the timing of a meeting and was told, "This is what happens if a non cyclist organises it."  Not a bad day all told, a chilly breeze again, so took a little time off to do a circuit which included Sand Bay.    Confession time, perhaps it was the excitement of finally getting out but the Strava did not get set until it was time to turn off from Sand Bay and head inland.  This was after 5 miles so the actual miles done was 22 not 17.  Still, every bit counts. The operator is a muppet!.

No photos today, there was a lot of sea mist about throughout the day but capturing it on film was difficult.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Burnham on Sea for a cup of tea. 27

Was invited out for a 50 mile ride to Glastonbury this morning with a couple of Old Gits.  Considered the offer very carefully then declined as last weeks mileage was high and several decent ones planned for this week.  What did happen was, met them at the Uphill Marina and tagged along with them to Mark where we went our separate ways, them to the land of wizards and witches, dragons and goblins, whilst I went to boring old Burnham on Sea.  Lovely sunny day but again, a chilly NW breeze that really warranted long sleeves at the start of the day.

Road Closed?

Well, temporarily at least.  Came across these ladies as we approached Edingworth.  About 50 of them being herded from the farmyard to a nearby field.  Not a problem at all, they were all well behaved and gave us a chance to regroup and get to the front of the 10 cars or so that were waiting.


Left the others in the middle of Mark and went down the Causeway heading to Highbridge and Burnham.  Nice example of wisteria on the house halfway along.  Rode into Burnham with the chilly wind right in the face.   Had tea and toast in the Bay View Cafe and the ride back to Weston was not too bad with the wind coming from the left.

Would have liked the Glastonbury excursion but it was wise to bow out of it.  Certainly a ride to be considered on a Friday in the summer.  Clocked up 27 miles today.