Friday, 16 March 2018

Five Old Gits go to West Hay 38

With the forecast for the weekend being icy wind with a possibility of snow, it might be prudent to join in with the Old Gits on a Friday ride.  Just want 17 for the hundred this week so shouldn't be a problem going out on the Levels to the Sweets Cafe near West Hay.  Met up one the promenade at Weston and went out to Burnham, Highbridge to West Hay.  Not a bad sort of day, quite sunny although the southerly wind was in our faces nearly all the way to the cafe.

Tempting offer!

The road into Burtle goes past the village hall and could not but help notice this invitation.  Not the Slimming World one, the Breakfast Club next Sunday.  Talk about opposites.  Very tempting to have a ride down on Sunday but looking at the forecast, discretion is the better part of valour.  Carried on to Sweets Cafe for tea and a rather nice date/oatmeal cake before heading back to Weston with the wind behind us virtually all the way.  At times it almost felt like a summers day!

Clocked up 38 miles today.  Had a good week, 122 miles, better than the target and a chance to put the feet up whilst snow, ice, and minus degrees are all around.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Two Old Gits go to Wrington 34

Started the day with a bike clean and mending a slow puncture that has been creeping up.  It turned out to be a cut, more than likely from broken glass, that had gone through the outer tyre and left a tiny cut in the inner tube. Soon sorted that out.  Arranged to meet Ian, one of the Old Gits, on the prom and we took a ride out to Wrington, to the east of Weston.  

Mother Hen Cafe

Left Weston, through Sand Bay, Wick St Lawrence, Hewish and Congresbury to Wrington and the Mother Hen Cafe.  A very welcoming place with excellent home made cakes.  It is so cycle friendly that the owner has ordered some mugs with cycling motifs on for us to waste our money on (which we probably will do).  Aplogies to Ian for the photo, it seems to have left him in the dark.

Not a bad day out there, temperature in double figures, the wind wasn't too bad either and that helped.  Clocked up 34 miles on this excursion. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A ride of two halves to Burnham on Sea 26

Two very different halves thanks to the quite strong SE wind blowing at about 20 mph.  Going out from Weston, it was straight into it until Mark.  At times, on the exposed areas of the Levels, it was down to the 'granny ring' to make any progress.  At Mark, turning west to Highbridge and Burnham, what a difference that was. Zoomed along the Mark Causeway and all the way, virtually, into Burnham where it was tea and toast at the Bay View Cafe. It was wind assisted from there back to Weston.

Brean Down Way

This fencing (I think the artist had mislaid the spirit level when it was designed) marks the mid point on the cycle path that runs between Weston Super Mare and Brean Down.  This is at a sluice gate that controls the sea and the River Axe and acts as a bird hide so that passers by can see the wading birds that forage at the waters edge.

Well, half the ride was OK.  Mileage today was 26.5.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Reverse Route with the Old Gits 23

Forgot to set the Strava again so no map and no photographs either.  Shame really because it was a lovely sunny day out there.  12 Old gits turned up at Knightstone on the prom, plus one wife on the back of a tandem, another on a road bike showing us blokes up!  A fairly uneventful ride, nobody fell off, no punctures or mechanicals, just a nice pootle round, putting the world to rights and stuffing ourselves with tea and cake at Caffles garden centre.  Long may these rides continue.

Luckily, despite no Strava, the ride was recorded on the iWatch, with the map above.  23 miles covered in all and enough data stored to enable a manual entry to be made on the Strava pages. 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Puxton and Banwell circuit. 25

Almost a summers day today!  Well nearly, 11 degrees feels positively balmy after the cold spell we have had.  Did a circuit of Puxton, Banwell today and was sweating on return home.  Like a muppet, forgot to set the Strava map/distance recorder till half way round but lucky that the Apple Watch recorded the full journey.  The Apple map shown was a 21 mile route and four more miles added on for a shopping expedition back in Weston.  Not a bad week, totalled 133 miles in all.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Old Gits Friday Flyers go down to Westhay 40

After yesterday's bad riding conditions in Leamington, things were a lot different on the Somerset Levels today.  Being Friday, some of the Old Gits met up at the Beach Huts and headed south east, into the wind,  aiming to get to Sweets Cafe near West Hay via a roundabout route.  With rain forecast after lunch we started earlier although that meant hitting the school run traffic until the Nature Reserve at Uphill.  Over Shiplate Hill, down through Mark and Mudgely (that sounds like an old children's TV programme) to the tea stop.  Back to Weston around Brent Knoll and home before the rain.

Cattle again

Using these back roads comes with the hazard of farm animals being moved about.  Last time out it was sheep and cattle, this time it was just a bunch of bovines.  We had to back off to let them move forward into the farm yard which spoiled the framing of the photograph.  How rude.  Once the first one went though, they all followed easily.  Old Git Ian overseeing the proceedings. This was near the hamlet of Heath House.

Sweets Cafe

The best place we have found so far down on the Somerset levels, and being 20 miles from Weston, Sweets Cafe is ideally placed for a halfway stopping point.  Although it wasn't that cold today, it was disappointing that the wood burning stove wasn't lit so we sat in the cafe itself rather than the 'conservatory' (that is being kind).  There are some large and comfy settees out there mind with a very appropriate cushion to boot.  Not so sure my GP or health nurse would agree though.

East Brent

Stopped for a comfort break in the village of East Brent so good time to take a snap.  From L to R, Andy, Tim, Steve, Ian and Phil.

We all recorded over 40 miles today, not a bad run at all.  Mine was just over though, 40.2 achieved by nipping down the prom a bit and back.  Has to be done!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A cold and wet circuit through Warwick town 13

Well, that wasn't very nice today.  Looking forward to a ride out with Graham, at Leamington, and met up in Whitnash and agreed to go towards Stratford, into the wind for the first half.  It was fairly cold and not long after we started out the rain came down.  It wasn't too long before we agreed that going too far would not be a particularly good idea so at Oakley Wood, we stopped, had a two second  rethink and decided to cut the ride short but still get tea and cake at a cafe in the centre of Warwick.  That idea went down the drain when my bike developed a slow puncture which needed pumping up every mile or so. (Changing the tube was discounted in the rain and cold).  We made a dash back to Graham's house and tea, cake, and warmth!  Graham kindly offered to repair the tube over the next two weeks and gave me a lift back to Whitnash.  What a gent.

All in all a day to forget, with the hoped for 40 miles whittled down to a miserable 13.