Saturday, 20 January 2018

Wring out the rain in Wrington 27

Forecast not too good today, best to put on the weather gear and go out early enough to miss the lunchtime and afternoon rain.  Going to Wrington, aiming for the Mother Hen Tea Room.. That is a nice half way stop.

Homeless in a shelter

Don't think the Victorians had this in mind  when the shelters were built along the promenade at Weston. Up to 4/5 homeless people have made this their home since Christmas time and I don't think they have much reason to leave with some of the local populace bringing food, hot drinks, blankets and clothing to them on a regular basis.  In fact these were the subject of an item on the local TV news last night about homelessness and how local charities are given them all the assistance they can.  Some of these I am sure will have mental issues but there are also those that haven't and see this as an easy life. Herein lies the moral dilemma.  Where is the encouragement for homeless people to help themselves when assistance is on tap?  Discuss!

Dreary Beach

Birnbeck Pier has disappeared into the mist and the drizzly conditions do not bode well for a good ride.  Not sure if the SeaQuarium is open today but there won't be many visitors today.  Called in to see Ian, a bike mechanic and booked the bike in for a service next Thursday.  Carried on to Wrington via a cup of tea at Caffles Garden Centre (nearly turned back after that) and had another cuppa at the Mother Hen Tea Room.  Heading back through Churchill and  Banwell, the rain came down quite heavy but the waterproofs proved effective.

Despite the heavy rain stayed dry underneath.  Finished up on a tad over 27 miles.  Only 76 miles for the week as not out tomorrow.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Two Old Gits (and a wife) go to Burnham 29

Just myself and another Old Git, Ian, turned up for Friday practice. Plus Ian's wife, Viv, and the three of us went down to Burnham via Lympsham and Mark. We met at the Back Huts on the prom and chose Burnham as our destination despite some rain clouds in the distance that looked a bit menacing.   As it turned out, we had very little rain, a smidgeon of hail although the roads around East Brent and towards Mark were very wet and in stretches partially covered in small hail stones which made riding a tad treacherous. We got through that unscathed OK.

Stray Sheep

The next obstacle was on the Pill Road between Rooksbridge and Mark.  Two rogue sheep which had escaped from a field.  With rhynes either side of this particular road, there was little place for them to go and we followed them for about a mile before they found a little track to dive down.  Leave them alone, they'll come home, wagging their tails behind them.
Carried on to Burnham and the wind was certainly against us for the couple of miles to the Bay View Cafe.  After tea and toast it was a decent ride back to Weston with the wind over our shoulder.

A good ride out today, a fraction under 29 miles was recorded.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Wellesbourne Wobble 20

Met up with Graham this morning for a spin out.  After a night of roaring gales and heavy rain it was thought it would be too bad to ride today but the storm had passed over by the time we met.  As time was a bit tight today for various reasons, decided to limit the route to Wellesbourne and return to Leamington through Barford and Warwick.

The Tuckery

Decided to give the cafe s in Wellesbourne a miss despite it being half way round our circuit.  For a change, we went into the centre of Warwick to The Tuckery near the museum.  Tea and a toasted tea cake each was the order of the day which went down well.  Came out of there and had a chat with a bloke, a keen cyclist himself who was admiring our bikes, well, Graham's Mercian more than my Peugot.  Chatted with him about local clubs for a short time before we carried  on.  Hasten to add, the bike on the right of the photo is nothing to do with us, it is parked there as an advertisement of for the cafe.

Graham left and yours truly

The waitress kindly took our picture, half way through the tea cakes.

Warwick Museum

If you are ever in Warwick, can certainly recommend a visit to this building, the museum.  Right next to the main market square it houses a variety of all things Warwick and Warwickshire, geological, historical and fauna and flora.  And it is free!

A good 20 mile ride this morning.  The rain held off, the wind was fairly moderate and blew us home and the sky was blue.  Cannot ask for more.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sand Way, Puxton and Banwell circuit. 22

Having reached over the 100 target yesterday there was no need to go out today.  Having said that, will not be out Tuesday or Wednesday and the forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain all day, so on a sunny afternoon like today, it's out and about.  Not too far mind, just Sand Bay and a circuit back to Weston via Banwell.

Traction Engine

Handy gone half a mile and saw this steam engine parked outside the Tropican on the prom.  It was painted and marked up in War Department insignia so presume it is a relic from the first world war.  It was all fired up, chuffing away and certainly caught the eye of a young passer by.

Birnbeck Pier

A bit further on, stopped to have a look at Birnbeck Pier, an old Victorian pier that is sadly falling apart. The owners have done nothing to it since buying it some years ago.  A shame because as the only pier in the country to connect with a small island it has such great potential.

The recent Storm Eleanor caused more damage to the jetty that sticks out to the right.  The section that adjoins the island collapsed putting another nail in the pier's coffin.

A good spin out today.  The 22 miles made the total for the week 142.  That is miles in the bank for sure.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

To the Mother Hen at Wrington 31

Last time the ride went past the Mother Hen Tea Room at Wrington it was freezing cold (the weather not the cafe) and the cafe was shut.  At least it was open today, and the weather wasn't too bad.  Tea and toasted tea cake was the order for today, ideal at just over half way round the circuit.


The Strawberry Line from Sandford to Congresbury was a bit wet in places but no problem.  Riding up West Hay Road to Wrington saw these snowdrops at the entrance to a house.  Although a winter flower, the snowdrop is a sure sign that primroses, daffodils are not far away.  That means Spring is around the corner.

Good spin out today.  31 miles takes this weeks total so far to 113,  with one day left as well.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

To West Hay and the Cafe was closed! 39

When I got there, the cupboard was bare!  Not a bad afternoon for a bike ride, not too much wind and dry and sunny.  Headed down to West Hay on the Somerset Levels to visit the Sweets Cafe an ideal spot out on the levels south of Wedmore.  Went through Burnham and Highbridge, across through Burtle by the peat factory and found the big gates at Sweets closed and padlocked. Having sacrificed lunch with an expectation of beans on toasts at the cafe it was disappointing to realise that the next cafe would be about 2.5 miles from home at Bleadon.  Having travelled 22 miles with 17 to go, there was no option but head down and make for home.
One positive of the day was trying out some new gloves, well mittens, that proved very effective at keeping the cold out.  Roll on Spring.  39 miles clocked up today.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Cold and dank ride with the Old Gits 24

At least Strava worked today.  Went out with the Old Gits for the old circuit out through Banwell, Winscombe and Sandford to the Caffles tea spot.  Not very nice out there, cold and so misty that had to take my glasses off.  Didn't warm up either from start to finish.  Multi layers were definitely needed today.  Caffles wasn't very warm either despite the log burner going.  Good to see a couple of chaps who are on the 'sick list' getting out.
No photos today again, far too cold to take the gloves off!  Finished the day with 24 miles on the clock.  It was that sort of day, it was good to get back.