Thursday, 13 December 2018

To Brean, with a cruel east wind and not enough layers 11

The  intention today was to go to Burnham on Sea but  being  out there in a chilly easterly wind quickly changed that plan.   The wardrobe error was leaving off the windproof/waterproof top that normally keeps  the  cold wind out.   After a couple of miles it was an easy decision to turn and head towards Brean and therefore cut the ride in half.  It wasn't too bad going back to Weston as the fairly strong wind was over my right shoulder. Not a ride to shout about, no photos taken.  Out with a couple of old Gits in the morning, get the layers on, and see what  happens.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Target of 5,000 miles achieved. 16

A big day today.  Just got a few miles to do to achieve riding 5,000 in a year.  Fingers crossed today as this has been an ambition for the last 4 years and never achieved it for one reason or another.  During this summer, with back problems, and a discovery of a cancer tumour in my small intestine didn't think this was going to be the year.  Luckily, the back problem has disappeared and an operation shortly should clear the lump out of the way. All is going good at the moment. July and August were not good months but seem to have got over that and back to previous levels of fitness. The next few weeks may hold things up a bit, but ever hopeful, have signed up to cover 5000 in 2019 as well.  There is confidence in the NHS for you.

Today's ride was a  fairly sedate  affair.   A lot  warmer than yesterday, the rain held off till after lunch  so the ride down to East Brent was a pleasure.  With about 14 miles to go, spent some of the time counting down the miles until the 5000 mark was reached  which, by good planning, ended up right outside home.  Had to be on the safe side though so extended the ride a bit down to the Tropicana on the sea front where the winter ice skating is at the moment.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Out with the Old Gits. 27

 First Tuesday in the month, it is Burnham on Sea time.  A bit chilly first thing, damp roads and seeing folks clearing ice from their cars was a bit disconcerting, but there were no icy roads en route to Burnham.  Rather it was  a misty, quite brisk morning, and a treat to be out in it, especially with the extra layers of clothing on.  Took the usual route down to Burnham, through East Brent and Mark and ended up at the Reeds hotel on the sea front.  Scrambled egg on toast with unlimited coffee for me.  Not bad for £2.95

Bah Humbug

Its that time of year again.  Left Burnham and road back to Weston via Berrow, called at the Westcroft Farm Shop so some of the OGs can stock up with eggs.  Had to get this cheery old chap whilst they were doing that.  Got back home in time to miss the rain which was fortunate. 

Clocked up 27 miles this morning which leaves just 15 miles left to reach my really target.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Get some more miles in towards the magical 5,000. 36

With a hospital admission on the near horizon and only 80 odd miles to go to complete the 5000 for the year its time to get out, especially as the 'warm' spell is continuing. 12 degrees today with a slight south westerly breeze.  Headed down to Sweets Cafe near Wedmore that is always good for 30 odd miles.  Saw some good wildlife on the way dow.  On the Pill Road, near Mark saw a kingfisher, a little egret and some swans all within about 200 yards.  Difficult to capture them with an i phone from a bike.

Milky Jug

Got to Sweets cafe after a fairly easy run and just could not resist the home made Christmas Cake that was on offer.  Should have taken a picture before devouring it but was too busy messing about with the ornamental milk jug.  Took about six goes, five of them were of the table top and right knee, before getting the milk to come out of its mouth.  After play time, headed back to Weston via Burtle and East Brent.

A nice ride back, narrowly missing some rain showers, and ended up doing 36 miles making 4958 for the year so far.  42  to go in the next couple of days.  Easy peasey?

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Train to Bridgwater, ride back. 31

Took the train to Bridgwater today to take advantage of the southerly wind.  Got on the train at Weston and as it pulled out of the station, I realised I hadn't got a helmet on.  What a muppet.  Better get another one especially after the tumbles we have been having lately.  On the 20 minute journey down, looked on the inter web and saw that there was a cycle shop only about 100 yards from the railway station on the journey back.  Sorted then until I got to the shop and found  it closes on a Saturday.  What a way to run a business.  Asked a passer by and he told me of a Halfords not too far away.  Went there and bought a new helmet.  £30 was the marked price and at the till it was £21.  That'll do, although it is still an expensive lapse of memory.
Back to the trip out.  Amazingly warm for the first day of December. Had a good ride back partially driven by the wind and detoured off the main road onto the side roads going back through Puriton and Woolavington.  Called in for the obligatory cup of tea (this time with bread pudding) at the Bay View Cafe in Burnham.  From there, it was an easy ride back to complete 31 miles.  No photos on this outing.

Friday, 30 November 2018

To Burnham with a tumble! 32

A Friday ride out with the Old Gits down to Burnham.  The weather seems particularly mild for the last day of November although a bit of rain is forecast; best take the leggings then.  Off to the SW of Weston going over the levels through Mark and Huntspill to Highbridge.

 Bloomin' dogs

Heading towards Mark, near Vole Farm there were a couple of dogs wandering around in the road.  Slowed down to walking pace and that worked well until one of them decided to walk in front of me and as I moved to go behind him, realised the road surface at that point was raised and I was going to fall off.  This is the result plus torn leggings.  Interestingly, posting this on social media to my family my eldest daughter is horrified, her two sons are proud of me bless 'em.

Reed's Hotel

After the tumble, got straight back on and carried on to Burnham, no problem.  This is the five of us after coffee and snacks. L to R Jim, Me, Tim, Ian and Phil.  Before the hotel stop, Tim had a gear cable snap.  Afterwards he had a puncture. Not a good time to buy a lottery ticket mate.

Leaving Burnham

Jim bringing up the rear leaving the Reeds Hotel.  Nice tailwind from here to Weston.  What rain? Look at that sky.  Luckily it poured down just after we got back home.

Apart from tumbles and mechanicals, that was a good ride.  32 miles covered today, leaving 119 miles to complete the 5,000 miles for the year.  Getting there.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Old Gits go to Clevedon. 42

Picked a poor day to go out today, especially as the last two days have been pretty reasonable.  6 Old Gits met up in Weston for a trip out to Clevedon and we met a seventh on the Strawberry Line.  We rode out to pick up the Strawberry Line near Sandford and followed it to the northern end at Yatton.  The first hour was quite drizzly, but not quite bad enough for full wet weather gear.  Before Yatton, the wet weather had stopped and with a higher temperature than of late, and not much wind, it was almost, but not quite, pleasant out there.

Scarlett's Cafe

There were too many of us to fit into the little conservatory that serves as the Clevedon Hospital Cafe, we didn't fancy sitting outside on the sea front, so diverted instead to Scarlett's Cafe opposite the famous Clevedon Pier.  At least it was warm inside although the privilege  did cost us with the increased prices.   To get there from Yatton, we went through Kingston Seymour, and at a crossroads in the village centre, yours truly decided to go straight across for a change.  That was a big mistake as half a mile in, the road surface was awash with mud from agricultural vehicles.   There must have been some active bike cleaning on return to Weston (more on that later).  From left to right, the photo shows Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, etc, etc.  (Have to be careful here not to upset Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy and Dopy).

On the way back, we split up, with 4 taking the scenic route back to Weston, whilst 2 more and myself, took the slightly shorter way back along the A370.  In town I diverted slightly and visited a car wash and had my bike power washed by a very helpful Eastern European chap.   I was then Happy as I had a sparklingfor bike at no charge.   Nearly home and I was going end up on about 39 miles so  detoured around my local estate to add a couple of miles on. Finished up on 42 miles with 203 left to complete the 5000 for the year.  Getting there.