Monday, 12 November 2018

Lazy dollop around Lympsham. 16

Just getting a few miles in warming up for Tuesday's ride out with the Old Gits.  Not a bad day, at all, a bit breezy from the south but warm enough to leave the gloves off. Amazing.  Bimbled down to Brent Knoll doing a circuit of Lympsham.   Nothing much else to report on this one.  Another 16 miles off the 500 left for the target of 5,000 for the year.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Down the prom to see the WW1 sand painting. 3.8

After yesterdays trip back from Bridgwater , was still 1.7 miles short of the weekly target.  Going out today, wasn't a problem, the weather was pretty good, sunny with a moderate  breeze and there was an incentive to go out as, as part of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 there was to be a sand painting of one of he fallen soldiers.  This was being done on 30 beaches in the UK and they will all be wiped out at high tide tonight.

Three Tommies

The sand painting was being drawn in the sand just south of the Grand Pier and there were quite few people milling about in that area.  Spotted these WW1 soldiers parading around and they kindly posed for a picture for this blog.  Thanks lads.  No plaudits for the passer by who made the comment that it looked like a WW1 bike!

Sand painting.

Unfortunately there was no information about who the soldier was.  Will update you when more info is available.  Not such good view from ground level, but those who had paid a £1 to get on the pier had a better view looking down on it.  Such a simple idea co-ordinated by Danny Boyle the film producer and will be quite poignant at high tide at 9pm when it is all washed away.

Taken from under the pier.

Went back through the town to avoid the headwind and finished up on 3.8 miles making the total for the week just a fraction over 102 miles.  Result.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Train to Bridgwater, wind assisted back 23

Not much to report on this one.  Caught the train to Bridgwater (where the wind was coming from) and rode back through Highbridge.  The forecast was heavy rainshoweres so took full wet weather gear and on arrival at bridgwater, it was chucking it down.  Put all the gear on by which time had stopped and never saw another drop!
Called in at the Bay View Cafe on the sea front at Burnham for a cuppa of tea and cheese on toast (Well done please, brown on top) which went down well.  Arriving back at Weston I was 1.7 miles short of the 100 for the month but not too bothered as I have a mission tomorrow.                

Friday, 9 November 2018

Old Gits go to Clevedon 39

Friday ride with three of the  Old Gits heading NE to Clevedon and the cottage hospital there for a tea stop.  Not sure before we met whether we would actually get out as the forecast was pretty grotty, strong winds and heavy rain at times, but it turned out not too bad at all one slight rain shower and a bit of a blustery wind from the SE.

Clevedon Hospital

Basically a satellite of the main Weston and Bristol Hospitals, This is situated not too far from the town centre and deals with non emergency injuries and has various clinics operating during office hours.  It also has a nice little tea room outside the main entrance serving hot drinks and cakes.  The volunteer from the league of friends was good enough to take our photo, from the left, Simon, yours truly, Phil and Andy.

and the cosy little conservatory that is the cafe.  This place is to be recommended with tea at a £1 and cakes and scones 50p.

Carnival Time

Weston  annual Carnival will be held tonight and the massive floats are parked a municipal car park near the town centre.  Had to get permission to go round and take a couple of pictures.  The floats are all lit up at night and the first one has taken WW1 as a theme

and the second is fairly obvious, a spooky theme.  As it turned out the weather was atrocious, heavy rain and gale force winds kept the crowds away which was a shame as so much effort goes into the organisation of this charity event.

A good ride today, covered a fraction under 39 miles.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Tea with Mother Hen 29

Big change in the weather, cloudier skies, and the wind has veered round from NE to blowing from the south which has shoved the temperature up quite a few degrees.  Enough for me to leave the long johns off! (Too much information.  I know).  Get some miles on the clock to add to the weekly total so going out to Wrington for tea and a toasted tea cake at the Mother Hen Cafe.

A good ride out to Wrington, blown along the A370 to Congresbury, and in Wrington took a little deviation up Chapel Lane to do a bit of exploring.  At the top of the steep lane there was, surprise surprise, a chapel. A quaint little church  a  Methodist chapel. The horse rider came along nicely to add a bit of interest to the picture.  A nice downhill stretch then to the Mother Hen cafe for tea and a toasted tea cake.  

Chew Valley Scarecrow Trail

I think the definition of a scarecrow is getting lost in Translation somewhere.  This is a blue and gold cow, with an Egyptian headress on.  As far removed from a scarecrow as you can get.  Amusing though.  Got this just in time, an Old Git told me I could find this in the lane that leads up to Churchill from Sandford and the notice says the competition finishes tomorrow.  

The ride home to Weston was not too bad from here on in.  The wind was sheltered by the Mendips and tall hedges to a degree.  A comfortable 29 miles covered in all.  104 miles for the week.

Friday, 2 November 2018

A short Friday ride with some Old Gits. 23

The Friday ride out with some Old Gits started as an extra for a short time for those who had entered the 'Great Weston Ride' and wanted to increase fitness.  This has now progressed and has become a normal part of some Old Gits weekly schedule, with yours truly having taken on the role of ride 'captain' organising this weekly event.

Five of us turned up this morning with a destination set as Sweets, the popular cafe near West Hay on the Somerset Levels.  Myself and another Old Git were not really up to a 40+ mile jaunt so we peeled off at Mark and returned to Weston.  Not many tea stops on our way back.  We did try the Post Office in Rooksville but they only serve cold drinks.  No good to us on this frosty morning.  One last chance was a new diner that has been opened on the A370 at a car sales plot near Lympsham.   It is a bit too near Weston but as we were getting a bit desperate, any port in a storm.  A mug of tea for £1 so not too bad.  Nice clean place.  Got back to Weston feeling better for that cuppa and with 23 miles to add to our totals.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Old Gits Reverse Route 23

Old Gits day today, doing the 'reverse route' to Caffles For a cup of tea.  Left Weston and went on the Old Toll Road to Kewstoke and Sand Bay, through Wick St Lawrence to Hewish and the tea stop.  A chilly old morning, had to put extra layers on.  Hard to believe it was 20 degrees a few days ago.

Remembering Les

Les Wise was a very active cyclist with us Old Gits, that was, until he succumbed to cancer last year. He was well respected and a popular member of the group.  His widow, Rosie, contacted us last week and offered to pay for our tea and cake today as it was Les' birthday this coming week.  How could we refuse?  This is us raising our cups to Les.

Went back to Weston via Puxton and Bawell.  Noticed that complaints about mud on the road near Laurel Farm at Puxton had been heeded, with warning signs now covering the road before the problem.  After three complaints, getting there, slowly.  Clocked up 23 miles today with one incident; an Old Git was suddenly confronted with a choice of hitting an oncoming car after a bend on a narrow road, going into a deep pothole right near the road edge, or falling off into a hedge.  He sensibly chose the latter and came out of it unscathed.