Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Burnham on Sea

A change of scenery today.  Drove down to Burnham on Sea and walked along the beach, a cup of tea at the Bay View Cafe and back through the town and the Berrow Road.

Burnham Lighthouse

This was built in 1832 and is mainly made of wood.  Some of the 9 uprights are metal.  It was built to protect shipping from the extensive mud flats that exist in this area.

 Britain's shortest Pier

This pier was built between 1911 and 1914 by a railway company to service ferries that plied from Somerset to Wales.  That was not a commercial success and is now just basically an amusement arcade with a cafe attached.  Never go in the the prices are higher than the Bay View Cafe.

A steady 2.6 miles today in very pleasant weather.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Down the town and back

Walking into town through a throng of tourists.  Down by the pier it was quite slow getting past all the brummies getting to ready to head back to the Midlands.

Photo experiment

Found an old camera out this morning that I haven't seen for a couple of years.  Thought it was a chance to try it out and see what results it comes up with.  This one is using the facility to pick a colour and anything else comes out monochrome.  Seems to work OK.

At six o'clock their Mummy's and Daddy's ........

Time to go home.  The coaches are ling up alongside the prom to take the day trippers home.

More Graffiti

Seen on a wall near the town centre.  Nice job this one by JPS, a local 'sprayer'.  Pity some one has defaced it with a red line through.  Strange that we should be troubled that graffiti has been vandalised!

Covered a leisurely 3.3 miles today.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Walkies - Three in one!

Have been a bit lax in putting these walks on unfortunately.. Three times I've been out and thought, "Will do this one later on."  Which never happens of course.

To the shops

Had a walk down the town to do some bits and pieces, including booking an eyesight test.  Took a slight deviation to the normal promenade joutney and walked through Clarence Park and into town along one of the side roads.  Doing it that way, it minimised the blustery wind off the front.  The first couple of photos shows some of the amenities in the park, a modest little 'Victorian Cafe' and a fish pond, well stocked with goldfish.  

A busker

Its amazing what you can do with a few pots and pans and some plastic boxes.  Stood for some time watching this bloke.  He should be in a band really.  As a bit of an amateur drummer myself, appreciated what the bloke was doing.  Unfortunately, my pockets were empty otherwise I would have put something in his collecting tray.  Honest!

Another letter to the council

The following day, after dropping a couple of grandkids at the local swimming baths, Sue and I went a walk along some of the shared pathways that run through Weston.  One of them heads out towards Locking near where the 'Biggest helicopter museum in the world' is situated.  The photo shows the problem with 'shared paths'; they are not that easy to share with other users on account of the overgrowth that has not been trimmed back by the council.  Myself and another Old Git have reported this some weeks ago so guess where this photo has been sent off to.


Or a large piece of farm machinery stored out of the way for a few weeks.  This has suddenly appeared on the newly adopted cycle way between Weston and Brean.  Can only guess that it is part of an old grain silo or similar.  Certainly a bit of a blot on the landscape.  Uphill church and beacon on the right in the distance on top of the hill.

An average of a couple of miles per walk over these last three jaunts.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Around Uphill

A funny place Uphill, a small village adjacent to the south of Weston Super Mare, it is actually below the level of the spring and autumn high tides!  They have had serious floods in the past the most recent was in the 1980s.  Needless to say there are proper sluice gates installed now.  Wonder why they called it Uphill?  Nice day for a walk today, along the beach, past the marina and back through the village.


Saw this on the banks of the River Axe.  The question is, does the boat (what a sad state it's in) being chained to the metal rod prevent the rod or the boat being taken away. Just thinking.

Safe mooring

When it is high tide anyway.  For the rest of the time, boats like these are slumped on the mud along the river.

Uphill church and beacon

A general view across the marina to the old church and beacon.  The church is still used occasioanally despite not having a roof.  The beacon is used on special occasions, the last time was the Queen's 60th jubilee.  Went to watch it along with quite a few other locals but found it disappointing to find the beacon was actually a propane gas burner.  Modern times I suppose.

Best walk so far.  Just under 4.5 miles.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sand Point near Weston

Nice warm sunny morning, time for another walk.  Took a short drive north from Weston to the next bay, Sand Bay and on the far side is a National Trust property called Sand Point.  Numerous footpaths criss cross the place so we had a good wander around.

Birnbeck Pier

A view to the south from one of the higher points of the peninsula called Sand Point.  Birnbeck Pier at Weston in the middle distance with Brean Down behind it. 

Tread Carefully!

During World War II, weapons were tested at Sand Point together with the pier which was commissioned 'HMS Birnbeck' by the Admiralty.  This was part of the Dept. of Miscellaneous Weapons Development.  Some of the buildings constructed for this research have now been removed but some still remains behind an impressive wire fence.  The site is now used by QinetiQ as an explosive and shock test facility.  This probably explains this notice displayed nearby.

Looking towards Clevedon.

Not too evident in the far distance looking north east, Clevedon town.  One of the little pebble bays in the foreground.

Middle Hope

This is the name given to one of the bigger bays on Sand Point.  Another very stoney beach.

A lovely three mile walk up hill and down dale.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Around St Georges 3

Not a bad morning so Sue and I went a walk around St Georges, a part of Weston we don't know well at all.  It is a newish housing estate but borders on a nice bit of countryside alongside the River Banwell.  A bit of a trudge through the estate but worth it in the end.


The corn is certainly ripening in these parts.  This field of barley looks about ready to be harvested.

River Banwell

This little river starts in Banwell village and comes from several springs by the church.  This fed a pool nearby but this was capped in 1915 despite local objections.  The pool is now the village bowling green!  From the village it runs NE through the St Georges area of Weston and into the Bristol Channel. 

A 2.7 mile circuit finishing up at MacDonalds where the car was parked.  Time for coffee and a doughnut then!

Friday, 11 August 2017

A couple of walks in Escot Park Devon

Took a few days out this week to go down to South Devon.  Didn't get to do much in the way of proper walking, but was kept on two pins quite a lot over the five days!  One place we did visit that was worth a look round was Escot Park near Honiton, a conference centre and adventure games park. Only did two lots of a mile there but an interesting place with photo opportunities.  Her are just a few.

Red Squirrel Sanctuary 

A small enclosure on the estates that has a little colony of red squirrels.  This big iron beast guards one of the entrance gates.  Below is one of the residents, very tame creatures it has to be said.  Possibly semi domesticated now.

A bullrush

Nothing more to be said really.  Except to say the old school playground joke. 'Why did the bullrush? 'Cos he saw the cowslip!'  It was funny when I was nine.

A bridge!

Guardian of the restaurant

Another big old iron monster.  This was at the entrance to the reception and cafe.

Thatched cottage

A few of these around the area.  Pity about the pole in the way.

Took a few days out this week to go down to South Devon