Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Reverse Route with the Old Gits 23

Chilly start to the morning.  The majority of the 14 riders this morning had made the transition from shorts to longer leg wear although by 10 o'clock I was glad that I  had  chosen to persevere with shorts.  Having said that, the fingers were certainly feeling the cold so must seek out some suitable gloves soon.  Met up at Knightstone at the  northern end of the prom and we went along the Toll Road, through Sand Bay and Wick St Lawrence to the tea stop at Caffles.

Waiting for the Stragglers

With group cycling here is always a gap between the speedy and the not so speedy.  Us Old Gits are mindful of the fact that someone disappearing off the back of the group may not be a lack of speed but could be anything from a puncture, a call of nature or a photo opportunity (not together of course)  so it is customary to pause for a short time at strategic points to ensure we are sill all together.  This one is on the A371 where it crosses over the M5. All present and correct at this point thankfully.

Finished off the morning in bright sunshine with another 23 miles to add to the log.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Brean. Berrow and Brent. 15

A busy schedule this last week, only did 20 odd miles so need together out more!  As it was a nice afternoon, and in preparation for a ride tomorrow with the Old Gits, just did a fairly easy circuit to to south of Weston taking in Uphill Nature Reserve, Brean (not many holiday makers about now), Berrow and back towards Weston through East Brent.  A pleasant enough ride in the afternoon sun but 15 miles was enough after nearly a week out of the saddle.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Old Gits ride thwarted 7

What a lovely word  - thwarted.  Planned to meet up with some Old Gits this morning for a Friday ride but unfortunately rain stopped play.  Not that we are fair-weather cyclists but the rain, came down so quickly and heavy that before you could say 'Wet weather gear' we were soaked.  Met up with Andy at Tescos the designated rendezvous but it didn't take long before we had decided that considering the forecast it wasn't worth carrying on.  There isa fine line between madness and insanity we thought so instead, we retired to the nearby  Copper Kettle for a cup of tea We thought about continuing after we had warmed up but it was still drizzling so we went home, myself with a miserable 7 miles under my belt.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Burnham for a cuppa 26

 Second time I have been out this week, the first time Tuesday was a 22 miler with the Old Gits but couldn't put that on theblog with my laptop paying up.  Bought an extension keyboard now and I think, it is back to normal although a little awkward.  The main thing is, all the facilities of the laptop, cut and paste, screen shot etc are back, it is just a little more involved using them.
Any way, today was a nice day, so went down to Burnham for a cup of tea at the Bayview Cafe.   Don't seem to be as comfortable doing the higher mileage of late, 25 seems about the limit.  Did a 41 miler last Friday going to Sweets Cafe with some Old Gits but to be honest , that was a bit of a stuggle getting back to Weston especially into stiff breeze from the West.  But, getting out, that is the main thing.  No problems today, stopped at the Post Office in Rooksbridge for a Mars bar on the way to Burnham and a few blackberries on he way round went down well!.

On the Levels

Went south out of Weston past Bleadon and Lympsham and heading towards Mark noticed that the grass is greening up lately and the cattle have more to graze on.  Too busy drinking out of the rhyne when I went by.
Burnham was busy with holidaymakers taking in the sea air and the breeze blew me back to Weston fro there.

Strava showed 23 miles today but some muppet forget to turn it on and 3 miles went by before it clicked.  


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Catching up and Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain. 33

Unfortunately missed a few blogs to a malfunctioning laptop.. Back on track nearly so here goes.

Can't put any maps up, laptop won't copy them in a screen shot.

Last Sunday the 2nd September, just went out for a little 10 miler to get to the 100 for the week.  Never did make it, the derailleur hanger snapped and left me stranded with 4 miles to go.  Couldn't fix it by the roadside so had to call a breakdown out, thank you Mrs Ken! Photos below show the gears nearly mashed up in the wheel.  Also lucky was the fact that this 'mechanical' happened adjacent to a huge blackberry bust, positively bursting with sweet succulent blackberries.  Munched quite a few before the cavalry arrived.

Tue 4th September

Old Gits day today with a difference.  First Tuesday in the month, it should be over the Levels to Burnham on Sea for refs at The Reeds Hotel.  My bike was still not repaired. too technical for me so another Old Git lent me his spare hybrid bike.  This was a Giant bike, not bad at all fitted me OK and the gears were just the job for the hills we did.This year it coincides with Stage 3 of the men's Tour of Britain cycle race which today, runs from Bristol, through some nearby Villages and over the Mendips via Cheddar Gorge, and back to Bristol. 168 km.  Some Old Gits including myself elected to miss the Burnham trip and head into the hills to watch the riders at Shipham.  This promised to be a longer time out and mileage than usual so we stopped halfway at Winscombe foe a cup of tea at Charlotte's Tea in the centre of the village.  This is the happy 10 waiting for the tea to arrive

Village Green Shipham

Having checked this location on the previously we thought on the edge of the village green would be a good vantage point to both see the riders and see them coming from a distance.  W hat we hadn't banked on was everybody else had the same idea.  We got to the village with about an hour to spare before they shot through bur we were entertained by two musicians, a saxaphonist and an accordion player.  Oh yes and the nearby cafe had a tremendous display of cakes outside with extra chairs and tables set out and the butchers over the road had bacon butties, hot dogs and burgers on offer.  Most of us stuck with tea and cake. 

Nearly time.

Some of the escorting motorcyclists had gone through and we could see a live streaming of the riders via mobile phones.  §this is most of us in position just before the riders case through.  It was at this point my phone battery died so no camera and no record of the return journey could be made.  "Golly gosh" I said.   When the riders did come through, despite our location being at the top of a hill and close to the end of a 'King of the mountain' stage they were still a blur and it was difficult to pick out any individual rider.  Still worth the effort for the experience.  our Old Gits shirts attracted a bit of attention with a few queries about where we were from, our history etc.  The crowds soon dispersed after the event and we made our way back the same way to Winscombe and back to Weston via Sandford and Puxton.

a good day, different for the Old Gits and clocked up 33 miles in the process.  

Wed. 5th Sept.   Watched the Stage 4 of the race on TV today after taking my bike to a local repair.  After the race, which was along a lot of my old cycling routes around Leamington.  I took the loan bike back to its owner just a little 5 mile jaunt to the next village.  Hope to get my road bike back tomorrow.  

Thursday, 30 August 2018

A little burst around Warwick 9

In Leamington for a couple of days so taking the opportunity to have a little ride out with Graham.  Started the day well with a flat tyre and had to quickly mend a puncture before getting Graham at the Heathcote Pub. We  took a quick blast into Warwick via St Nicholas Park and we ended up at the Tuckery Cafe near the Museum in the centre of the town.  

At the Tuckery

Myself and Graham enjoying tea and cake in the sun outside the Tuckery Cafe, the Museum in the background.

A sad sight 

On the way out of Warwick heading back to leamington went past our old place of work, Warwick Police Station. Once a busy thriving place in the heart of the County town of Warwickshire. It has since been sold off and it was rumoured at one time that it would become a health centre. That hasn't happened and it is now a sad, derelict reminder of times gone by. 

Just a modest 9.5 miles today but it wasn't the distance that was important it was the company and the social aspect of cycling that was.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Out with the Old Gits 21.6

Tuesday again.  My goodness it flies round so quick.  The Old Gits are doing the 'ordinary, usual route' today which involves a bit of a trek up the fairly steep Banwell Hill past the Caves.  Best give that one a mis at the moment so took an alternative way to the Caffles tea stop by going through the village of Banwell and along the River Banwell to Puxton.  You've guessed it, the flat way. I was joined by another Old Git , this one a knee problem and enjoyed the fairly leisurely spin along the river.  At Caffles, we were joined by the other 11 riders out for the day although another one was 'missing'.  He turned up later, with muddy shorts and legs having tried an 'alternative' way to get to Shipham next Tuesday which involved some wet and muddy bridle paths.  Looked good on the map, but seeing the state of him that was quickly discounted.  We chatted about the best way to see the Tour of Britain in a weeks time and some of us will try another, drier, proper tarmac way on Friday.
The weather was pretty good today, about right for the time of year and after I added some miles out round the hospital, clocked up just under 22 miles today