Sunday, 12 August 2018

Catch up for the week

Apologies for being a bit slack putting these rides on this week but I have had a bit of a busy week.

Money 6th Aug  A very welcome visit from Mick and Graham from the Midlands.  No cycling involved just a fish and chip lunch on the sea front, followed by a stroll along the prom and a game of boules at Clarence Park Bowls Club.  Not saying who won but Graham and myself didn't!

Meet up with an Old Crock

Tuesday 7th August could not go out with the Old Gits because of a hospital appointment.  After over two years finally getting some progress towards the 'mystery' of my prolonged persistent cough.   After the appointment met up with two Old Gits who also couldn't make the ride to Burnham through injury.  We had coffee in town and put the world to rights for an hour.  Not much of a ride really, down the prom and back, but 3 miles to add to this weeks total. (now 3!). Not much really so went out late in the evening and did another three with Lincoln to Uphill Village

Uphill and beyond
Wednesday 8th To Uphill again this time with two of the grandchildren Carmen (12) and Lincoln (7).  For a change we headed south, through Uphill village and tackled the hill on the far side of the marina.  They did it twice for the thrill of coming down at speed.  Heart in mouth time.  Another 5 miles 

To the Mother Hen - Clamity!

Thursday 9th.  Pushing the boat out today, and the mileage.  Off to Wrington on a nice afternoon for a cup of tea and Victoria sponge at the mother Hen Tea rooms in Wrington, to the east of Weston.  Had to get there firs,t and going out through Hutton; fell off!  Stopped 3/4 way up a steepish hill, couldn't unclip the left shoe in time, overbalanced, and fell onto the pavement.  Had not taken into account that  stopping on a steep hill, gravity makes you stop almost immediately!  Luckily pride was not hurt, no-one saw it happen; and I was on my feet 'adjusting the brakes' before any cars came along.  After the stop at Wringtom my left wrist started to ache and it was quite tough getting back.  Think there may be a sprain in the wrist somewhere, a lot worse than the grazed leg and elbow.  Still. 29.5 miles achieved in the end, best for a long time.

Caffles with an Old Git

Saturday 11th August.  Couldn't do Friday a) had to go to Bridgend in Wales and b) the wrist was a bit sore to go out when I got back.  Saturday thought I  would try  a ride and by chance, met an Old Git (Pete) on the prom.  Rain was threatening so we decided to have a 'bimble' over to the Old GIts watering hole, Caffles at Hewish.  We had a drink and shared a bacon sandwich which went down well and returned to Weston in a slight drizzle, nothing too bad, the rain came later.  Caffles was enough for me to be honest. The wrist was sore despite wearing a support bandage.  Forgot to turn the Strava on, 3 miles into the ride, but took Pete's Garmin reading to be sure, 20 miles.  That made 62 for the week, not bad considering.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

To Birnbeck Pier with Lincoln 6

Another sunny day with a warm westerly blowing.  Lincoln is back from holiday so took him out on the promenade, around the Mrine Lake an up to the charity cafe at Birnbeck.  Unfortunately they had run out of Wagon Wheels so he had to make do with an ordinary cake.  On the way back called to see the fountains in the 'Italian gardens' but there were two many kids playing in them so Linc couldn't ride through. Also called at the Library to get him a book.  His first choice was Moby Dick so I had to persuade him that was a bit too much for him though he is a competent reader.   Rode home along the busy prom and clocked nearly 6 miles today.   

Friday, 3 August 2018

Over to Yatton with one Old Git, lost the others somewhere! 22

The day started badly when I failed to get up in time. Not like me.  The plan was, being a Friday, meet up with 4 Old Gits who were going to Clevedon, and two of us would return to Weston as we are recovering Old Crocks. Being late, there wasn't anybody at the rendezvous point that I could see, so carried on to the second point where Steve, the other Old Crock was patiently waiting. We took the most direct route to Yatton Station where another OG might be but that was deserted as well. A quick phone call showed they were already at Clevedon, we had missed them completely somehow, so we had a cup of tea and returned to Weston by virtually the same route. We did consider catching the train but had insufficient funds to do that.  Bad planning and execution all round today.  Never mind, ended up with another 22 miles on the clock.  

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Down to Burnham for a cuppa 26

Another nice day out there, slightly overcast, but warm.  Heading down to Burnham on Sea and going for a decent distance today, as the back seems to be nicely on the mend.


Haven't been down this way for over a month now and was surprised how dry everywhere looked, in fact, these cattle on Pill Road, near Mark looked hard pressed to find some decent grazing.  it should be nice and lush this time of year, not dry and scratty, not much goodness in that pasture. Farmers are already using up their winter feed to supplement this poor razing.

Bay View Cafe.

Not so much a problem with us humans.  Head for the nearest cafe.  In this case today it was the BayView cafe on the sea front at Burnham on Sea 8 Miles down the coast from Weston as the crow flies.  This was taken at Midday so it was fairly busy.  Too busy for me to wait for a toasted tea cake to be done so just had a cup of tea instead and watched the world go by for 20 mins or so. This is one of my favourite tea stops, reasonably priced £1.10 for a mug of tea, and the staff are friendly. 

Total mileage at the end was 26 so well pleased with that. Felt comfortable on the longest ride for a month.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Met the Old Gits at the tea stop 21

Best mileage since the end of June.  A real red letter day today.  Whilst the healthy contingent of the Old Gits met up at Knighstoane and did a 'reverse' route to Hewish I met up with " Dr John' another Old Crock and took the shorter, flatter route to Caffles tea stop.  tThe weather was perfect for a cycle ride today, sunny a slight cooling breeze and we made it to the tea stop slightly behind the fitter ones. Good job we did go, it was 'Middle John's' birthday so we had a free tea.  All very well that system but it will my turn in a few weeks!  Returned home on a similar way and added a couple of miles on as I had a hospital appointment at 1.  It all added up to just over 21 miles in all, and the hospital appointment was very positive. 

To Birnbeck and a bit more 6

With Lincoln on holiday there ws nobody to hold me back todays need up doing some fairly steepish climbs and getting a little bit lost once I'd left the prom!  Still, got out between the rain showers and covered 6 miles all told.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Into town for some jobs 6

Still keeping to the low mileage, don't want to undo the healing process at all, so 7 year Old Lincoln will be getting more rides the he anticipated . Today, we will be going down into Weston town centre to do some jobs going via the promenade and the marine lake (a highlight for Linc). 

Gay  Pride Festival

Whilst in town we could hear marching bands and load music as some sort of procession went down the High Street. It was the local LGBT Pride march and announcing   "Come one come all to our Party in Grove Park".  Of course, we had to go and have a look but didn't go in as there was an entrance fee and bikes were not allowed in so the photo is of Linc looking in at the live band.At least the weather was nice for the event although there had been spits of rain and the wind had got up.


This newly refurnished town square has fountains that sprout up randomly. a magnet for kids, especially in this recent hot weather and of course Lincoln could not resist riding through them again.

another little 6 miler today, no problems during or after.