Friday, 19 October 2018

With some Old Gits to Sweets 38

Friday, 'training' day with six other Old Gits.  Met near the sea front at Weston and cycled out through Uphill where we picked up two more. Heading out on a chilly morning (still wore shorts though) over the Somerset Levels to Sweets Cafe near the village of Westhay to the SW of Weston.  Came across two road closure signs but that didn't stop the intrepid Old Gits.  We risked it and made it through.  Good job, the second one, in the village of Burtle would have meant a diversion of around 8 miles and across the hills near Calcott, but the workers had stopped for a cup of tea as we went through.
Tea and cake at Sweets then continued the circular route back to Weston without incident and in the sunshine which made it a bit warmer at the end of the ride than it was in the beginning.


Total today was 37.9 miles which rounds up nicely to 38.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Down to Burnham and back 31

Another mild October day,  try and get some miles in today as slipping behind on the 5000 for the year target.  Only by a few but need to catch up if possible.  Heading off to the Bay View Cafe at Burnham for tea and toast.

Green Godess

Spotted in the yard of a house near Mark, today there was a lady in the yard so asked her if I could take a photo.  This is an ex army 1950/60s fire engine nick named a Green Godess.  These were last used in anger by the military at the time of the Firemen's Strike in 1977. Since then the majority have gone into private hands like this one.  It is for sale by the way if you are interested!  The lady did say that it is in full working order and turns up annually at the local bonfire night.

A nice 30 miler over the levels with tea and toast, as promised at Burnham on Sea

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Out with Old Gits for 'Reverse Route' 23

Doing the 'reverse route today with the Old Gits, Out to Sand Bay making our way to Caffles tea stop, and back via Banwell.  10 Old Gits turned up, Two on Tandems with their 'brides' and a guest rider. Pretty hefty group travelling around the minor lanes so it was necessary to spread out a bit.  The weather was pretty reasonable, overcast but with a hint of sunshine now and again.  Still quite mild, wished I had shorts on like a couple of them had.  A bit of a gap on Strava between the start and the finish.  Forgot to turn it on at first.


Taking on board tea and toast whilst discussing world problems and medical issues.

Strava showed 17 miles but it was about 23 really.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Another spin on the Isle of Wight 18

Last chance for a ride on the Isle of Wight. Back to Weston super Mare tomorrow.  Weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse.  Heavy rain first thing this morning so when that subsided, about 11.30, headed towards Cowes but was conscious that this would mean travelling back against that wind.  I don't think so.

Tapnell Farm

This is a good example of agricultural diversity.  The buildings have all been converted to a multifunctional recreational facility including, mountain boarding, go karting, tree climbing, horse riding, mountain bikin g and much more.  Sounds like a good place to go.  At least we know where blue cheese comes from.  Having ridden about 7 miles along country lanes looking for something to photograph and seeing nothing but tall hedges and long lanes, it was a relief to come across this beast.

Albion Tavern, Freshwater Bay.

Terrific location overlooking the scenic bay, an ideal place to get a window seat and have a cup of tea with about 7 miles to go. Went into the place which was deserted and a sign on the bar said, 'If no staff available go to reception and ask for staff to attend.'  OK.  Traipsed through this quite extensive site to reception which was  also deserted and a  sign  on the desk said, 'If no staff are available at reception they are helping other visitors.  Please go to the bar and seek help.'  Not wandering around here all day. Give this one a miss and head back to Yarmouth harbor.

Thatched church

St Agnes church Freshwater Bay.  Possibly the only thatched church in the UK unless someone tells me different.  Looked into it's history and the land for it was donated by the son of the poet Lord Tennyson and despite looking fairly ancient was actually built at the start of the 20th century.  A little gem it has to be said.

The Gossips Cafe

Situated right at the end of the harbour, this little cafe was not as slow at providing tea as the Albion Tavern was.  Nice views of the Solent and Yarmouth Pier from inside especially peering over a fruit scone and a cup of tea.

Well, the rain kept off for the 17 miles round trip. Disappointed at not doing the 100 for the week though.  78 I think it was.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Coast to Coast on the Isle of Wight 10

A changes scenery for the weekend.  Attending a Blues festival on the Isle of Wight so couldn't resist putting there bike in the back of the car.  After an atrocious day weather travelling down, thought it was a mistake to take the bike but this morning turned out fine.   Good enough to get the bike out.  The wind had dropped dramatically, the sun was out and the rain had gone away.  Checked out the local maps and spotted a circuit that took in both the North and South coast, never done a C to C before so perfect opportunity today 

Swing Bridge

Never seen one of these before, the centre part sings through 90 degrees to allow boats trough whilst stopping the traffic on the r oad.  This is operated, at this one, by the chap in the yellow jacket in the middle of the bridge.  Didn't take long to get back to normal once the boat went through.


The Royal National Lifeboat institution , a volunteer organisation run by an army of volunteers and funded entirely by public donation.   These boats  have saved countless lives over its 200  years  existence.   Hard to believe  that initially the boats were rowed in atrocious seas by these volunteers.

A Gribble

A nasty tiny little insect that eats wood.  Not so bad you say except it keeps destroying the pier, the longest wooden pier in the country.  Now immortalised in cement at to harbour's edge.  Gribble is not it's Latin name!  The harbour is at Yarmouth on the North coast of the island.


A quint little village on the South coast, 5 miles away.  Done it.  This getting the brunt of the south wind.

Jimmi Hendrix

The late, great guitarist who played on the island in a field near here at a big festival in the 70s.  Could not pass this without stopping and taking a picture.

The Piano

A cafe\bar on the road out of Freshwater.  At £2.50 for a pot of tea, probably won't be returning here in a hurry.  Very bust place because the bar was taking part in an  annual bus 'n' beer event with a 100 people travelling around the island in vintage buses stopping at selected pubs and bars to sample to beer.  There will be some happy passengers at the end of today.

Enjoyed that trip, although only 10 miles,  it made a change getting out  on strange ground.

Out to East Brent 17

Not a bad afternoon for Autumn.  Ideal for a 'quickie' down to East Brent and back.

Beach Race preps.

With a week to go the bulldozers and diggers are out on the 2 mile flat beach preparing to transform it into 2 miles of challenging hills and jumps.  These two are the first to go up, built over two enormous plastic pipes that allow emergency vehicles easy access from one side of the track to the other.  There will be three big hills (30') and numerous smaller dunes created over the next week.  More on that later.

An 'Arty' shot 

that didn't really work.  Tried to get a sharp shot of a tweazle with Uphill church and beacon in soft focus in the background.  Should have used a proper adjustable camera, an iPhone doesn't cut it.

An enjoyable 17 mile bible in the afternoon sunshine.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Old Gits Day 21

Tuesday morning, out with the gang.  Going out to Banwell , Winscombe and the normal route to Caffles, the watering hole.  My self and one other, diverted off the normal route to cut out a fairly steep hill leading out of Banwell,

Road closure.

The alternative route we took went through Banwell and left out on the River Road to Puxton.  This is actually closed at the moment for workmen to lay a digital internet cable along the length of this quiet country road. The first hurdle was this big cable drum feeding into a long predigestion trench.  Had to get off here and walk round after a bit of banter with the cable layers.

And more

The second hurdle we had to walk round was the machine cutting the long thin trench.  No problem.  A car driver we met a short time later had ignored the road closed sign and asked us if he could get through.  He soon turned round after we explained what the position was  and we carried on to Caffles for tea and toast. Returned home, in bright, warm, sunshine  via the normal back lanes to town

Good 23 miles  today, enjoyed that.