Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kineton Krawl 32

In Leamington today and meeting up with Graham for a ride.  The weather forecast was heavy rain all morning so did not think we would get out.  It was dry at 9 o'clock so met at Graham's house and set off for a ride into the wind, the goal being Kineton, a small town (large village?) to the south.

Big Hammer

Spotted this in Leamington town at the back of Tesco's yesterday so we took a small diversion to get a photo.  Took two, then realised it would be more effective if the bike was underneath the hammer rather than on the side.  Nothing around to indicate what the significance of this graffiti is.

Chesterton Windmill

This windmill still works and operates once a year by courtesy of the County Council.  It was too muddy to traipse across the field to get closer. With hindsight should not have included the road sign; lesson learnt.  Being on top of the hill it was surprising how strong the south west wind was. Luckily the taller hedgerows provided an element of shelter.

Tea and toast

This is in the centre of Kineton and is a sister cafe to the Wellesbourne one. Not many in there at all, just us two for most of the time. The staff were very friendly and the highlight of the morning was a visit, by an elf, (or possibly a local in a Christmas jumper), who wanted to use the toilet. We thought at first it was an Elf and Safety inspection but that was not the case.

Donkey Mania

On the return journey it did actually start to rain but not to any degree.  The tailwind was very helpful as well. In between Moreton Morrell and Lighthorne, we stopped at a T junction to discuss the best route back from that point. A donkey in an adjacent field obviously took a shine to me, because he/she ran the length of the field, braying like mad, just to say hello.  We carried on before he tried to eat the saddle or the handlebar tape and his/her mate, who was also rushing across to join in the action, could get there.

A very enjoyable ride.  The rain was not a problem in the end although, at times, it was hard work on the way to Kineton working against the wind.  Total mileage was 32. 


  1. Good and entertaining read that one, loving the graffiti shot and the donkey, more of those styled shots please! 😀

  2. Will do my best. This time of year is not the best to stop, take off gloves, furtle around for the camera etc.