Saturday, 30 June 2018

To Burnham on Sea 30

Back is getting better by the day so ventured a bit further today.  Another glorious sunny day so need for any layers.  Taking the standard route down to Burnham on sea for a quick tea stop and back.

Flaming June

It is days like today that give this month its nickname.  Certainly very hot, upper 80s possibly, but the slight breeze makes it tolerable.  Hard to believe just a few weeks ago travelled around this area with loads of layers on plus long johns!  Stopped for a few minutes on a little bridge which crossed this rhyne that runs along the Pill Road at Mark.  Never realised that there are fairly big fish to be seen, possibly about a foot long.  My knowledge of the species tells me they are - fish!  Saw loads of blue dragonflies hovering around as well.  (Wickapedia puts me right on this; they are damselflies. More precise the common blue damselfly.You live and learn, for 70 years I have called them dragonflies). 

Bread pudding

On then to Burnham on Sea.  Stopped for a cuppa at Lizzie's Diner in the corner of Apex Park.  Nice to sit outside and have a snack.  Just had to have some of Lizzie's excellent bread pudding.  Forget all the Lucozade (other brands are available), gel drinks and pick me ups.  A slice of this will give you all the energy you need.  At 90 pence a portion it was tempting to have two slices but there was a danger that the return journey may have been more difficult.

Clocked up 30 miles, well pleased with that and the fact that the back seemed OK.  Knees were a bit stiff mind.  A bit down on the week's total, 58 miles this week.

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