Thursday, 9 November 2017

Usual trip to Burnham on Sea 30

Wind and rain yesterday, glorious sun today.   Just going out for the usual trip to Burnham on Sea, not rushing, just mooching along enjoying the day.  Took a diversion at the start to see some carnival floats then down to the Bay View Cafe for tea and toast.

Carnival Season.

Its carnival season in Somerset.  Nearby Bridgwater boasts it is the home of carnival and started the trend in the 1860s by celebrating the Gunpowder Plot.  It has grown into a huge event with numerous floats, some huge as the photos show.  Many local towns have carnival committees and spend the whole year making these monsters.  They then tour round the towns in Somerset and this weekend it is Weston's turn to host the event.  Some of these floats have taken over the coach park prior to being trundled out on Friday and a bit of sweet talking the security personnel gained me access to take some photos.  I think this first one has a halloween theme.

The bike leaning on the cone, "Don't lean it on the displays" she said, shows the scale of these things. Bear in mind an articulated unit or a tractor has to be coupled on the front before it can move.

Not quite sure what this one is but there are lots of horses in there somewhere.  On the night (it starts moving at 7.30pm) these are lit by 1000s of bulbs, music will be blaring from them and performers stand or dance as the float goes round. This year, it has been rerouted because of a slight alteration to a road layout and these monsters can't negotiate it.
If I get to see it Friday night, will get a picture of one of these in action.

Oh yes, the ride!  Did the normal route and clocked up just over 30 miles.

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