Friday, 10 November 2017

Old Gits Training around Wrington 30

Another day out with some of the Old Gits, six others in fact, who fancy getting out and about a little bit more than the usual Tuesday ride.  This was a circuit that I trialled last week and was designed to get a little bit more hill work than the previous flat ride around the Levels.  Starting in Weston, it went out to Banwell, Sanford and Churchill, tea at Wrington, and back through Congesbury and Puxton.  It was decided, over a slice of Victoria sponge, that travelling further on the Strawberry Line to Winscombe may not be such a good idea after recent rain so we diverted back through St Georges.

Strawberry Line

As the ride 'captain' it was unfortunate that the 9 o'clock start had to be missed.  The others assembled on time and took off as scheduled.  At 0917hrs I made the start having previously advised them and agreed to catch them up. Must admit to putting a bit of effort in to achieve that and the first half, up to the cafe, is littered with personal bests and an average speed of just under 13 mph. A miracle considering the hilly aspect of it!  Puffing and panting on arrival at the Mother Hen I was greeted with no bikes outside.  Calamity.  Over a cup of tea and a couple of phone calls it turned out the others had deviated from the planned route to avoid possible traffic in Banwell.  (It was completely clear lads.)  They turned up 5 minutes later. Never mind, we were together as a group and over a drink and some delicious home made cake, agreed the Mother Hen was a good choice of stop.  Onwards then to the Congresbury to Sanford section of the Strawberry line where the photo was taken.

Nice to get some positive remarks about the route and most of riders clocked up 30 miles.  Mine was just over.

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