Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Old Gits Back from Burnham in the rain. 21

Old Gits day and the monthly ride down to Burnham on Sea.   Nine Old Gits started although one retired after a couple of miles with a puncture.  We did cut the ride short as the forecast for the morning heavy rain at 11.    Shame really, if we had taken the planned route to Mark and Highbridge the day would have finished up with the total miles on Strava 20,000 not 19,993.  Next time out should do it.                                  

Garden Gnomes for sale?

No, its some Old Gits sheltering from the rain at the Westcroft Garden Centre.  Battled against a stiffish breeze going down to the Reeds Hotel at Burnham, where we had refreshments.  It was dry going down there although the heavy rain was just on time; on the return journey!  The forecasters got it spot on today.  All the riders were prepared for rain and a short stop to clamber into wet weather gear was necessary.  At the obligatory stop at Westcroft for eggs, some Old Gits took advantage to lurk amongst the compost out of the rain.  It did not stop at all on the return to Weston. 

It went as pretty much as expected.  21 miles today, 7 short of that magic figure!


  1. You were robbed Ken, I nearly joined you after my meeting but as I set off down the sea front the rain started so I scuttled off home.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh no my cover has been blown, yes spot on Ken.