Monday, 6 November 2017

A Bimble around Banwell 21

Getting a quick one in before it gets dark.  With a limited time frame, just going out to Banwell, Sanford, over to Puxton and back along the promenade.  A bit of a cool SW wind but with an extra layer on didn't notice the cold.  Out with the Old Gits tomorrow and might need a decent pair of gloves on and waterproofs if the weather forecast is to be believed.


Must be a good year for mistletoe, now the leaves are falling of the trees it is evident what a bumper harvest it will be this year.  Not sure the trees will be pleased about that as mistletoe is a parasitic plant that feeds off the tree itself.
  This was taken in Puxton Lane near to Hewish.

Dusk over Knightstone

Rode through Weston and joined the promenade at the northern end and cycled the 1.5 miles to where I live at the other end.  Looking over the Marine Lake towards Brean Down, took a couple of minutes to appreciate the setting sun.

Nice 21.7 miles that was.

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  1. Gentle start to the week, Ken. If bad weather is on the way you will have to grab the miles when you can. Hope you get your OG’s ride in tomorrow. Mick