Thursday, 5 October 2017

The 3 Cyclists and a guest 38

For the first time in weeks, the 3 cyclists have managed to meet up in Leamington and go for a ride out.  A former colleague joined us part the way through and the four of us explored the area around Long Itchington and some points east.  The aim was to get to the cafe at Willoughby on the A45 near the Northampton border.

The 'Dead Cat Cafe'

Started off from Graham's house and headed east towards Rugby.  We met up with Steve, our guest rider for the day, at Shakers Lane (who or what was Shaker we wondered) and we carried on to Willoughby and the cafe there.  The cafe has been rechristened by Mick and Graham as the 'Dead Cat Cafe' as the last time they were here, there was a dead cat lying on the forecourt which appeared to be ignored by the management and patrons alike.  We can confirm it has gone now!  The photo is L to R, Steve, Graham, Mick and Ken.  Thanks to Steve for forking out for the tea and toasted tea cake, this meant there was no need to hand over the traditional token signifying whose turn it is to pay. Still yours then Mick.

A bit tough riding back to Leamington with some strong headwinds at times.  Still a good ride though, clocked up 38 miles today.

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