Thursday, 26 October 2017

Invaded by the Chinese in Wellesbourne! 30

You never know what is going to happen next!  Was out with Mick and Graham in Leamington today and decided to take a 'reverse route' to Wellesbourne with refs at the Airfield Cafe.  A slightly cooler day than the Indian Summer of yesterday it was almost perfect riding conditions.  Out through the south of Leamington through Bishops Tachbrook and Oakley Woods, we took a detour through Walton Hall before hitting the cafe.

Chinese Invasion!

Turning into the entrance to Walton Hall, a hotel and time share complex, we were halted in our tracks by two coaches, one of which was unloading a pile of Chinese tourists who were snapping away at the half timbered lodge near the entrance.  Then they saw us.  The three cyclists were then the focus of attention and in pigeon english/chinese we 'chatted' with a few of them.  A couple insisted, I think, that our bikes had been made in China although they could have been indicating they have bikes in China as well.  As the first photo shows, one of the chaps wanted to try Mick's bike out and he rode it up to the coach and back much to the delight of the others.

After a short time we carried on our way but not before we had given one of the ladies our blog addresses.  If the lady is reading this, we enjoyed meeting you.

Pass the token

Wellesbourne Cafe and the, now traditional, ceremony of passing the token over.  Mick's turn to pay today, Graham's next, so to record the event in case we forget (which is very likely) whose turn it is to pay, the waitress has helped us preserve the evidence for the next time we meet.  Not mine at least.

Went back to Leamington through Barford and Warwick where we encountered a bit of drizzle.  Clocked 30 miles today.

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