Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Out with an Old Git to Burnham. 27

Out on the Levels with Ian, one of the Old Gits.  The idea was for him to try out a new road bike that he had been offered, a Cube, to see how it compared with his mountain bike.  We met near Weston Hospital and rode south, into the wind, to go through Mark and Highbridge before tea and toast at the Bay View Cafe in Burnham.  Rode back to Weston, with a tail wind, through the new cycle track at Uphill.  A successful ride as far as Ian was concerned, he certainly took to the road bike, the conundrum now is, will he get value for money.  No pictures today, too busy chatting!

Clocked 27 miles today.  Not a bad day for the weather, it started spitting with rain just as we got back.

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