Thursday, 28 September 2017

Puxton and Banwell circuit 22

Went out to the east of Weston, part on the levels, partly hitting some inclines (can't really call them hills).  Not a bad day at all again, sunny, warm and not too much of a breeze.  Several people had advised that Aldi started a special cycling sale today so that had to be on the itinerary as well.  Came out of there with a long sleeved base layer for £6.99 which seemed a bit of a bargain.

Scenic view

This was taken in Silver Moor Lane near East Rolstone.  Not the Mendips in the distance, but the hills around the south of Bristol where the airport is.

Coprinus Comatus

Lawyer's Wig or Shaggy Inkcap as it is more commonly known.  Now, I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole but a bit of research on Wiki shows it to be edible.  That did surprise me.  Very difficult to cook mind because it rapidly autodigests, the cap and gills turning into black jelly very quickly. There are ways to do it but a packet of button mushrooms from Waitrose sounds a better option.  This one was seen right by the roadside in Puxton.

An enjoyable spin out, 22 more miles on the clock.

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