Thursday, 7 September 2017

First real test, out to Caffles 18

Pushed the boat out a bit today and went out to Hewish to the Old Git's watering hole.  It went superbly.  Joined up with a chap that goes to our regular Sunday quiz night and to be honest, he did a good job of holding me back.  Nothing to strenuous, a couple of rail and motorway bridges to 'ascend' but that was not a problem.  What was, the saddle suddenly seems very hard and unforgiving.  Soon overcome that.

Caffles at Hewish

This is the regular watering hole of the Old Gits.  Pity it sits on the A370, a busy trunk road going into Bristol.  Apart from tea and cake, Caffles have a gardening centre and a small sewing machine business.

Autumn is upon us. 

There is a real feast of blackberries out there at the moment. After this shot was taken, a certain amount of tasting went on.  Will be collecting these soon as my next door neighbour likes to make jam.  

Just over 18 miles, surprisingly easy to be honest

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