Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Back in the saddle again. 5

A red letter day today.  Given the all clear to 'carry on as normal' by the doctor after a pacemaker was fitted 6 weeks ago.  No problems surfaced after a thorough check up.  Went out for a short ride this afternoon with Carmen, 11 yr old granddaughter to chaperone me but there were no issues to worry about.  A bit windy out there, not too pleasant with the sand blowing off the beach.


Just a gentle ride down to the end of the promenade.  Picked up Carmen, one of the grandchildren on the way and rode around the back streets first giving her some rudiments of safe cycling, e.g., don't run an old lady over if there is someone looking.  Hopefully some of it will sink in.  Took a photo of the flats on Knightstone Island and headed back.

Carmen at Rest!

At the 4 mile mark, ended up with one tired granddaughter.  Needed to have a lie down for a few minutes, well, after all, it was her second day at the 'big' school

Well, that was good.  4.8 miles and could have done a lot more but no sense in pushing things.  Looking forward to pushing the boat out a bit more tomorrow.

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