Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Back out with the Old Gits 23

Really back into the cycling now.  Had a normal ride out with the Old Gits this morning.  Very lucky with the weather.  It was atrocious yesterday, rain and blowing a hooligan.  The same is forecast for tomorrow.  Today was a treat so someone up there must like us.  It was a good day but tinged with sadness as one of the gang died of the dreaded cancer on Sunday.  A very popular member of the group he will be missed.

Knightstone meet.

Doing the 'reverse' route today to Caffles which means meeting at the north end of the prom at Knighstone.  Initially it seemed a bit chilly, hence some of them huddling behind the chuck wagons.  Not as many as normal today, 11 in total made the effort.

The Peloton to Puxton

After Caffles, fed and watered we meandered off back to Weston via Puxton and Banwell.  After the first 'checkpoint' this is the group heading off.

Red Hot Pokers

At least this is what I knew them as when I was a lad.  Not seen so many in the same place for a long time.

Well, that went well.  It might be all in the brain but the hills seemed easier today than normal.  Got round the 23 miles in one piece and the only after effect was sore knees.  Can cope with that.  If the hooligan arrives tomorrow will leave it till Thursday and make it down to Burnham for the first time in seven weeks.

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