Sunday, 9 July 2017

Usual ride to Burnham 29

Taking it easy today with a fairly tough 'training' session in the pipeline for tomorrow.  An amble down to Burnham on Sea in the warm sunshine will do very nicely thank you.

Down the Prom.

It's always nice to start or finish along the prom at Weston.  1 1/2 miles of flat smooth surface it is a good way to warm up or wind down before starting out.  Not in the summer when the suns out though, especially at the weekend.  Although it is on the National Cycle Path network (number 33) it is normally jam packed with pedestrians and it it not advisable to try and get through them.  The sign is quite clear, it is a shared space but not all of them see it and moan at cyclists for being on the path. This is not too bad where this photo is taken, down by the pier it can be horrendous.  Best not go there.

A little Family

Seen on the road heading towards Mark across the Levels, this is one of two families of swans that have nested down here.  The other one had a go at one of the Old Gits who was down this way the other day but they were at peace with the world when I went by.

Didn't stop for a cup of tea at Burnham, the cafe was too busy.  Did 29 today which puts the weekly total up to 138 miles. Job done.

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