Monday, 10 July 2017

Last training ride before the 'Great Weston'. 42

With two other Old Gits, went out for a 'training ride' prior to us doing the 57 mile Great Weston ride next Sunday.  The aim is to do 40+ miles and include Burrington Combe, a decent hill that is on the schedule for the weekend.  It climbs 850 ft in just under 3 miles so it is a nice little tester!  It is the worst one on the event route so we have satisfied ourselves that although it is to be respected, we are not frightened of it.  

Tea and tea cake

After Burrington, and a 4 mile undulating plateaux that led to the top of Cheddar Gorge , it was a mad, white knuckle ride to the bottom (max speed of 39mph) where it was time to stop and take on board some vittles.  Sat talking to another cyclist who was cycling home to Bristol from Exeter after completing a 340 mile event at the weekend.  And we thought we were doing well!

The rain kept off thankfully although the latter part of the ride was into a strong headwind.  That was challenging in itself.  Job done, we covered 42 miles and climbed Burrington Combe.  Roll on Sunday.

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