Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Old Gits on the usual route 24

The usual Tuesday morning ride with the Old Gits club.  Nothing too exciting today, just the normal route through Banwell and Sanford.  The rain that was forecast did not materialise, so that was a bonus.  11 riders turned out today, some in wet weather gear which wasn't needed although it did start to rain briefly at the end.  The normal stop at Caffles at Hewish for tea and toast, and only had to pay for the toast as one of the Old Gits had a birthday and the teas were on him.

Rob's Corner

Named after one of the founder members of the Old Gits CC who has since passed away, this junction, at the top of Max Mill Lane near Banwell, has been named after him because this was one of his favourite stopping places and would stand and look over the gate at the view whilst waiting for the stragglers to catch up.  It was noticed that a stone with his name on has become a bit overgrown so that will have to be cut back.

Another 24 miles under the belt.

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