Thursday, 13 July 2017

Out to Walton and Wellesbourne

A trip to Leamington means a trip out with mates if they are around.  Graham was willing and able today so met up with him in Leamington and went out through Barford to Wellesbourne and through the Walton Hall estate before returning back through Bishops Tachbrook.  It was a nice quiet day, quite warm and not too strong a wind.  No need for waterproofs either.
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The Airfield Cafe

Spoilt for choice at wellesbourne, there is a little cafe in the centre of town or the one at the Airfield to the west of the town.  Guess where we chose today.  It is under threat at the moment with developers circling as much as the aircraft and hopefully the legal battles that are raging over whether the place should be sold and built on.  Hopefully, common sense will prevail over the greed for profit and the airfield and the small businesses it supports will long continue.

A nice ride out today, covered just under 28 miles.

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