Sunday, 16 July 2017

Great Weston Ride 60

A big day today.  Together with five other Old Gits, we tackled the Great Weston Ride, a charity event in aid of prostate cancer.  The ride runs from Bristol to Weston Super Mare, is quite hilly at first, rises over the Mendip Hills, reaching 899 feet, and dropping down the other side to the Somerset Levels and on to Weston Super Mare.  All in all cracking, well organised ride with, I think, over a 1000 riders, and organised rest stops and somehow, the organisers magicked up some decent weather.


A small matter of getting riders from the Weston area to Bristol.  A coach was laid on (for a fee of course) and vans to transport the bikes.  This is the unloading part at the Park and Ride near Bristol which was the start.  All done professionally with cardboard petitions between each bike when loaded. 

And they are off

A staggered start was the obvious solution to clogging up the roads. Groups of 40/50 were released every 5 minutes or so.  This is waiting for the off.

First Rest Stop

This was at the Burrington Arms, an inn at the bottom of Burrington Coombe, a steep climb up to the top of the Mendips.  Toilet, water and tea and coffee were all laid on as well as a mechanic on hand to check any problems.  Good job as my back tyre was down in pressure which was soon pumped up  before we set off.

Burnham on Sea

The second stop was in between Wedmore and Mark on the Levels. Again, free tea and some delicious cakes (for a price) supplied by members of the PTA of the school that hosted the venue.   Although there was a bit of a headwind from the west, it was a reasonable ride back through Burnham on Sea (this is us having a final 5 minute break) and on to Weston and a medal each.  The ride itself was a fraction over 58 miles but I did a couple of miles on top to reach a target that I have had in my sights for 4 years now.  60 miles (a 100 K sounds much better) and it was a satisfying feeling to have finally done it.  Well done me!

A really good day, made better by other riders shouting, "Come on you Old Gits" as they overtook us.

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