Saturday, 8 July 2017

A circuit around Wrington 32

Another good day as far as the weather goes, nice and warm, hazy sun and little wind.  Not a bad day at all to get the bike out.  Started to watch stage 8 of the Tour de France but watching the professionals charging all over the place made me impatient to get out.  Headed east from Weston as far as Churchill then, after a snack at Wrington, headed back.

The Little Red Beetle Tea Room

Now, why should it be called that then?  Perhaps the owner's car, parked outside might be a clue! This is a bit short of half way round and an ideal place to stop.  Very quiet in there, I was the only customer, so sitting outside with a tea cake and a cup of tea seemed a good option.

The Strawberry Line

Left Wrington towards Congresbury but rather then use the busy A370, dived off onto the Strawberry Line to head back home.  For a Saturday afternoon, and with such nice weather, expected it to be fairly busy with walkers and cyclists but as you can see, it was deserted.  Most surprising.  Not like that in Weston, the promenade was heaving and was far too busy to contemplate cycling along.

That was a good 32 miles.  The total time out from home was 3 hrs and 15 mins.  When I got in, stage 8 of the Tour was still going on and I saw the last 5 kms of the race.  Them blokes ain't human!

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