Monday, 31 July 2017

Carry on walking 2.7

Another stroll along the prom to town and back this time with Sue, the third now since coming out of hospital.  Didn't put the other one on, the three have been much the same to be honest.  Will be able to drive in a couple of days time so looking forward to striking out on pastures new.

Ambush Alley

There are certain activities and objects that owners of pacemakers should be aware of.  This includes keeping arc welders, chain saws and leaf blowers away from the site. (No worries there then), not dawdling near anti theft screens in shops, don't go near big speakers and slot machines are to be avoided.  Perhaps best best to walk down the middle of Regent Street in Weston, it is full of amusement arcades!

Victorian Post Box

Needed to post a letter today so what better place to do it than this Victorian one on the Beach Road. 
The box itself is called a Penfold Box according to the brass plaque(1866) and was placed here by the Royal Mail in 1993 as part of the 'Promenade Project'.  The marquee on the Beach Lawns is from yesterday's Beer Festival where some friends lured me in for the afternoon.  For the first time in about 50 plus years I had a pint of cider.  At first it looked like a sample, and the horse was pregnant, but after a tentative try it wasn't too bad.  Managed to walk home from there.

Enjoyed that walk today, the rain kept off and felt quite good.   

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