Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Along the Beach 3

Looks like there was a bit of a wade through the sea from the map but the tide hadn't quite got in at this point.  Earlier on, had been driven (can drive again after tomorrow) over to Brean to have tea with the Old Gits.  A good old bunch, they have been very supportive.  Not a bad day today so walked along the waters edge to Knightstone and back along the prom. 

At the sea side

Quiet a few on the beach today, the tide was on its way in and there were folks in the water  They must be bonkers.  Brean Down in the distance.

The Grand Pier

Looking NE from the beach, the Grand Pier in the foreground.  A good place to get rid of all your disposable income with its one arm bandits and indoor scary rides.  A bit cloudy today but it didn't rain thank goodness.

The Big Wheel

An annual visitor to the sea front, it spends the winter elsewhere, last time it was Birmingham I think.  Not like the donkeys on the left.  They are residents.

Another enjoyable walk today, 3 miles.  Rather have two wheels though!

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