Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Old Gits to Burnham 21

Well, that was a windy old day.  Gusted up to 45 mph according to the forecast and at times it felt like it.  5 Old Gits met on the promenade at Weston and the main topic was whether to go or not.  One of them had been blown from his bike when a gust caught him, (no injuries or damage) and with the wind coming from the west, directly off the sea it was debatable.  With one more OG to meet on the way we set off, apprehensively it has to be said.  After a couple of miles, a couple of them turned back so left the four hardy ones to carry the flag.  Overall it was not too bad.  In the main the wind was from the side and only on a couple of shorter sections did it impact on our progress.  There was one dodgy spot as we turned onto the prom road at Burnham, three of us had to stop and push our machines around the corner.

Westcroft Egg Farm

On the way back, again the wind was mainly from the side and seemed to be a bit stronger.  Of course, we had to have the obligatory stop at the Westcroft Egg Farm and nursery in Red Road at Berrow.

A challenging 21 miles but with the satisfaction at the end of it that we had battled the elements and won!

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