Sunday, 4 June 2017

Circular ride to Clevedon 39

Running an errand to Clevedon today.  It is my future son in law's birthday tomorrow and needed to deliver his birthday card.  This way, it is much cheaper than the 56pence for a second class stamp, and is much more fun despite the rain that kept coming down.  Took a slightly longer route than normal and managed to get some hill training as well.  Must be doing some good, this time last year I would avoid some of these climbs yet manage them today without too much trouble.  Haven't got round to racing up them yet though!

Another Bus Shelter

Climbing up the long incline from Sanford to Churchill, found this bus shelter at the top where the road meets the busy A38.  Quite a stylistic little shelter, nicely kept with inside, a couple of silhouetted figures superimposed upon a colourful simple map of the area.  Took advantage of the stop because it was raining at the time.  After delivering the card, returned to Weston and had to seek shelter in Yatton Railway Station cafe before going on the northern part of the Strawberry Line.  Not doing that again with a mug of tea costing £1.80.  Why can a lot of other places do exactly the same for a £1?

Made it home surprisingly dry as the sun had come out for the last 5 miles.  Clocked up 39 miles today making the weekly total of 171 miles a personal best.

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