Friday, 2 June 2017

Two Old Git's on the Levels 43

Debating first thing this morning wether to go out or not when a text message dropped in my lap.  'Fancy a ride' said one of the Old Gits and after a 1.3 second hesitation I replied 'Yes please".  So off we went towards the Somerset Levels with no real plan in mind.  The weather was dull but warm, no wind to speak of and not a bad day at all.  Going through Mark,  a plan formed.  As we are both doing a big ride in July, the Great Weston Ride from Bristol to Weston, it would be a good idea to get some miles in and do some hills whilst we are at it.

Kindling anyone?

The initial intention was to go to Wedmore, south of Cheddar, using the minor side roads.  A slight map reading error by yours truly meant we had to skip Wedmore and take a long climb to Mudgely Hill where we then careered down there at about 35 mph.  After tea at Speeds cafe near Westhay, we turned off to get to Burnham via Burtle.  Just along that road, within a couple of hundred yards of each other, we saw some self service roadside stalls.  The first was selling kindling at £1.50 a bag plus eggs and other sundry items.  This one was quite a colourful, cheerful little stall.

The second was this little display cabinet full of honey and home made jams.  Plants were also on offer.  An excellent way to supplement an income but don't tell the taxman.  At Burnham on Sea, tea and a snack went down well before returning to Weston.

A good ride today, 43 miles for me, Andy had clocked 50 by the time he arrived home.  

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