Monday, 19 June 2017

A Trip around Tallin 6

Difficult to get a bike ride in when you are on a cruise!  First port of call was Hamburg.  Tried to hire a city bike there but failed.  Did some gym work on board ship and finally got out on the roads in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

City Bike

At least I got to sit on one!  Tried about 8 times to log on the computer to register but failed.  Hope the credit card details have failed as well. 

In the Gym

Not my favourite means of cycling but needs must.  A fancy set up this. Cruising through the Baltic Sea and watching and cycling a route through the New Forest.  At least it meant the legs were working a bit.

Queen Elizabeth at Tallin

Booked a cycling tour around Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.  This was done by a local operator and was very good. Saw places the average tourist wouldn't although it was a bit short really, only 6 miles.

And we are off

Nice cycle paths and the roads were very quiet, apparently because it was a Saturday morning.

An early submarine

Seen by the Naval dockyards, this early submarine was a four man job. Two to propel it, one to steer it and the fourth managed the explosives.  Risky business indeed, no wonder this design, wooden by the way which leaked, did not catch on.

Market place

The city centre market place, occupied mainly by tourists.  The locals keep well clear apparently (unless they are selling something).  A good atmosphere though.

Leaving the city

On our way back to the boat now by way of one of the medieval city gates.  A very picturesque city, not too keen on the cobbled roads in the old town though.

After that 6 miles, the next one is in Kiel in a few days time.  Watch this space.

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