Thursday, 22 June 2017

Around Kiel in Germany

Arrived at Kiel in Germany, an important naval and sea port.  Cunard had offered a bike excursion around the town with a local hire company so could not refuse that.  A young student was the guide and we did a tour along the coast, across the Kiel canal and back and through the town back to the ship.  The weather was very kind to us with blue skies and warm sun.

The Beast!

This was my chosen steed.  What a beast of a bike this was.  A back pedalling brake (that took some getting used to) a very heavy bike, not all that comfortable to ride although it did have 8 gears.

Getting ready

All helmeted up (a Cunard requirement, not a legal one) and after a trial ride around the car park, off we went.

The touristy bit

There were frequent stops by the guide, who was very good by the way, to explain local points of interest.

Kiel Canal and Ferry

Completed in 1895, the Kiel Canal connects the Baltic and the North Sea and saves ships hundreds of miles getting around the Danish peninsula.  The locals at the time were upset that Kiel would be cut in two by the canal that the city fathers decreed that a ferry would be provided, with free travel for ever.  That is still the case despite the service costing the local government a fortune to run it.  Half of the ferry is taken up with room for bikes so plenty of room for us to get on.


What a good guide we had.  Stopped at this little cafe/bar for tea and cake.  The local apple strudel actually which was delicious.  Many tall sailing ships moored opposite the cafe.

Kiel Canal

A nice view of the canal and the entrance/exit locks to the sea.  This was taken from a 120' high road bridge which took us back from the north to the south side of the canal.  Sorry about the graffiti whatever it says, never spotted that till just now.

Queen Elizabeth

And back through the old town to where our ship is berthed.  Really enjoyed that ride.  Covered just over 12.3 miles in all.


  1. Kens new racing bike on his international tour of Germany.

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