Sunday, 25 June 2017

Back to normal and to Burnham 28

Back from holiday now, looking to put some decent miles in before an event in 3 weeks time.  Not going too mad at first though, taking the normal run down to Burnham on Sea as a good starter.  A bit blowy out there today, a fairly strong westerly wind made some sections of this route a bit hard going but that was more than cancelled out with a tail wind across the Somerset Levels.

Did not take any photos today so have included a couple that were taken on holiday out of interest.  The first is a civic centre/town hall in the town of Tallinn in Estonia.  Built during the time that it was part of the USSR the guide on our trip told us that it is typical of similar building in most Russian towns and was built to a standard design.  Fellow travellers gathered around the guide.  A good system of communication was used, the leader had a transmitter, us passengers had receivers and  earpieces so constant communication could be maintained.  Very effective in use.

Pay as you use Bike Racks

These were also in Tallinn.  Near a shopping centre, they were electronic and were activated with a card using WiFi.  Whether the card is prepaid or a normal debit card is used wasn't too clear.  Watch out England, these might be the future.

Save the trees

A real practical idea this.  In the older part of Kiel in Germany, these racks double as a guard for the trees that have been planted each side of this pleasant avenue.  Funnily, the wireless transmitters used so effectively in Estonia could not be used in Germany as they are illegal to use whilst riding a bicycle!

 28 miles covered today, good start for the 'training' programme.

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