Monday, 26 June 2017

Easy one around Wick St Lawrence 17

After yesterday's effort after some time off, the old knees were feeling the pinch a bit.  Went out for an easy ride today, the weather was a lot calmer, warm and sunny and the plan was to keep it nice and flat without any hills or inclines including motorway or rail bridges.  So, Wick St Lawrence, a small hamlet to the north east of Weston, is the preferred choice today.  No photos taken so a couple more taken whilst I was away.

Ex Ice breaker

Seen in the naval harbour in Tallinn Estonia.  Once part of Russia's fleet, this old ice breaker, which does not function as one anymore, is laid up permanently.  

Strange decorations

These strange objects, possibly old buoys, were part of a kids playground near the naval yard in Tallinn.


Travelling through the city of Tallinn, saw this sculpture in a park.  Nothing to do with cycling but a quirky addition to the blog!

16 miles today.  Nice and easy on the knees ready for the Old Gits outing tomorrow.

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