Friday, 5 May 2017

Windy Wander to Wedmore 41

With a busy weekend coming up (weddings and stuff) off out today to get the mileage up to at least the weekly target.  Musn't get complacent.  Looked nice outside but that easterly wind is still persisting so the best plan would be to head in that direction and get the benefit of a 20mph wind on the way back.  Went out to Mark, Wedmore, Westhay and back to Weston via Burtle, Burnham and Brean.  Stopped at Burnham at the Bay View Cafe for tea and cheese on toast.


This is what Brean is famed for, caravan parks.  This is on the Diamond Farm Park, one of the bigger sites and through this, access can be gained to the new Brean to Weston cycle way.  This is now getting recognition as part of NCP 33. 

Wanted - Fence Designer!

Is it me or is this new fencing rubbish?  There are sections like this on both sides of the sluice gate bridge over the River Axe.  Strangely there are signs up saying that it is closed till July but both ends of the bridge are open.  Walkers and cyclists, including yours truly were using it so not many are taking much notice.  The 4M logo indicates the distance between the bridge and Weston super Mare Prom.  Ever cynical, I checked this and its right!

The mileage today was 41 which totals 102 this week.  Job done.

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