Thursday, 4 May 2017

To Hatton Locks for tea and tea cake. 24

A ride in the Midlands with Mick.  Graham felt a bit under the weather unfortunately so had to decline.  Met Mick at Leek Wootton and we went NW to Beausale and down to Hatton Locks via Hasely.  After tea and tea cake rode down the canal and 21 locks and parted near Leek Wootton.  The weather was very kind to us, sunny day, dry and reasonably warm out of the NE wind.  

The Canal

Leaving Whitnash to get to Leek Wootton for the meet up, the best way to go meant riding along a decent cycle path from Leamington to Warwick sharing it with 800 teenage school kids.  Plan B then, ride along the canal.  A much better option that was, only saw about three people for the two mile journey.  

Hatton Locks

This is the Top Lock at Hatton.  The first ( or last) of a flight of 21 between Hatton and Warwick that rises 148 feet over two miles.  Opened in 1799, and later renovated in the 1930s, the canal is still well used by boats, cycles and walkers.  This is the view from the cafe.

The Dragonfly

A nice bit of sculpture on a pond near the car park at the top locks.

Hatton Bottom Lock

Took our life in our hands crossing from one side of the canal to the other.  This is near Warwick Parkway and we went over to the station to check it out for bike racks.  That was a success.

Clocked just over 24 miles today.

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