Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sandford Circuit 23

If you are reading this Maggie, get that bike out!

Bonus ride today.  Thought that the wedding we went to would take the whole weekend but arrived back home just after lunch, the sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm, so no reason not to get the bike out.  With a week to go before the Cotswold event, today will be a chance to get a bit of hill work in.

Busy on the prom.

Left home and intended going down the prom but it was far too busy to take a bike down there.  Went instead along the Beach Road and stopped to get a shot of the land 'train' taking the tourists past the Grand Pier. And a jolly good time was had by all.

Weston Bay

Taking the higher route east out of Weston means travelling on the Old Bristol Road.  A bit of a climb to get up there but as you can see, there are some good views looking south in the gaps between the properties.  Please notice as well, the tide is nearly in!

Get 'em up, Rawhide!

Left the town and headed out into the quieter roads in the countryside.  Heading towards Puxton on the Puxton Road, turned a corner to be greeted with this sight.  Had to stand there for about 5 minutes waiting for them all to cross the road.  I did ask the farmer how many there were. A hundred in total, I must have seen about half of them.  Carried on then into Sanford, through Banwell and back to Weston.  A few more hills climbed than normal so that should help for next week.

23 miles today.  That takes this weeks total up to 125.

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