Monday, 8 May 2017

Burnham Breeze 31

Off to Burnham today, using the normal route through Bleadon, Mark and Highbridge.  Weather looked top drawer but there was a slight kick to it, an easterly wind which early on in the ride was a bit chilly.  Left all that behind by the time the tea and toast at Burnham had been devoured.

Whitehouse Bridge

This is in Whitehouse Lane near Loxton.  The bridge crosses the River Axe and the view is looking towards the Mendip Hills.

River Axe

This is taken from the same bridge and is looking west towards the coast.  The river itself rises out of the Wookey Hole cave system and flows to the sea entering the Severn Estuary at Brean Down in Weston Bay.  This river was navigable from the middle ages to 1915 and was used for international trade.

Cyclists are exempt!

This is PC Dave.  He was looking out for speeding motorists along Mark Causeway until I interrupted him.  As an ex traffic cop, could not resist the temptation to stop and have a chat.  At least it took the heat off the long suffering motorist for ten minutes!

That was a good ride this morning.  Clocked 30.9miles  (31 in my diary)

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