Monday, 13 March 2017

Usual route to Burnham 30

Looks like another good day out there. Got over Saturday's tiredness and the disappointment of missing the week's target by 0.3 miles so start another week with a ride to Burnham.  Took the usual route, with a couple of slight variations, and undertook the venture in shorts!  Yes shorts.  Less layers and no wooly gloves.  It must be nearly spring.  Having said that, despite being sunny, on the odd occasion, the wind in your face was a bit fresh.

Another bike rack

Not sure if this ranks as a must see or a have seen.  My mate will soon let me know.  If you collect them as well, they are at Burnham Medical Centre in Love Lane in, you've guessed it, Burnham on Sea

Burnham Street Art

After last years street art festival there is still loads about to spot.  This is on the side of the Victoria Hotel in Burnham and the tag on it says John-doh, a Bristol lad.  Good stuff.

Nice ride today, slightly marred by being 'attacked' by two manic terrier dogs that were off the lead in Bleadon nature reserve.  No physical contact but it is unsettling have dogs yapping at your heels whist you are trying to pedal.  On reflection, should have stopped and remonstrated with the female owners who, in fairness, did their best to call them back.  No harm done and finished the 30 miles in the same physical condition that I started.  Bonus!


  1. Hi Ken, just checked out The Collection and as I suspected, all of my "post" racks are in fact based upon round posts whereas yours is square. Add it to the list, please.
    Pleased you thwarted the canine interest in your nether region!

  2. This one fits in nicely with the route I have in mind. It will be a challenge to get them all in so perhaps you need to make two trips!