Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Old Gits Reverse Route 23

Old Gits day.  Doing the 'reverse' route today, meet up on the prom and go out on the Toll Road to Kewstoke, Sand Bay, Wick St Lawrence to Hewish and Caffles the garden centre for refreshments.  Return to Weston via Banwell and Locking.

Meeting Point

At the northern end of the prom is Knighstone 'island' joined to the mainland by a 50 yard causeway! There is room on there for a smallish apartment block, a tea room and that's about it.  The causeway enables there to be a small marina for swimming, sail boarding etc. Then RNLI office and base are also located at this point on a wide part of the prom. This is only a temporary base as the old one fell apart during the decline of the old victorian pier at Birnbeck.
13 Old Gits waiting out of the chilly wind off the sea, two more on the way making 15 attended today.  Not a bad turnout at all.

Time for Tea

Taken at the Caffles Garden Centre by another Old Git, thanks Geoff.  The main topics of conversations are normally medications, NHS visits, how big the hills are getting and the weather.

Good ride today in good company.  Clocked up 23 miles.


  1. You all need to pop into the restaurant in Sanders Garden Center at some point! They do a cracking selection of cakes so I hear. The staff are slightly odd,mind,specially the short tubby one!

  2. The Old Gits don't get that far Lyn