Wednesday, 15 March 2017

To Burnham on Sea for a nice cuppa tea 30

What a cracking day.  Did not go out till after lunch hoping that the weather forecast was going to be correct.  Clouds this morning and great big daisies all over the chart in the afternoon. And so it was. Good decision to put the shorts on and leave some layers off.  Did the usual loop around the Somerset Levels calling at the Bay View Cafe on the sea front.

Tragedy or Memorium?

After going through the Burnham Marina, noticed these flowers attached to one of the new heart shaped cycle racks on the promenade.  I did ask a local walking nearby what they signified but he didn't know.  It had been mentioned on social media and the consensus of opinion was that they had been left near where someone had scattered a loved ones ashes on the beach.  This happens now and again at Weston so could well possibly be.  Not aware of any recent tragedies in this area.

Takes all sorts!

Leaving Burnham, passed this beat up old wannabe camper van today for about the 50th time today and without fail, couldn't help but break into a smile.  Been meaning to share this with you for some time so on this spring like day, here you are.

30 miles today. Had trouble with a heron again near Mark.  It stood very proud, right near the edge of the road, easily within range for a good photo. I could tell from its eyes and its body language that it was waiting for me to slow down and get the camera out and it was obvious that the moment that happened, it would be off with a smirk on its beak. Two can play at that game, I ignored it and rode straight past it.

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  1. Hi Ken, I do like those heart shaped racks and can't wait to get it in the collection. Good to see one of them has found a new purpose to serve.