Friday, 17 March 2017

Reverse circuit to Burnham 30

That was a windy old ride!   Put another layer on today and got the long bottoms out.  There is more of a wintery feel to the day with the USA sending us some of their cold air.
You may wonder what the attraction is at Burnham  Actually it is threefold, firstly, in my opinion the Bay View Cafe on the sea front is the best cafe in a radius of 30 miles. No contest there then. Secondly, apart from a small climb out of Weston heading south, and a couple of railway and motorway bridges the terrain is all flat (hence the Somerset Levels).  Thirdly, the countryside is pretty good and a pleasure to travel through off the beaten track.  You get to see those pesky herons, and occasionally, like today, a little egret.  Unfortunately, no pictures today.

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  1. You get to see foxes,rabbits,deer and kingfishers as well between Brent Knoll and Highbridge!