Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cream Crackered at Congresbury 24

Another reasonable day.  Just need 24 miles to complete the 100 so looking at going out to Congresbury and back via Wrington.  That never happened though, felt a bit sluggish on the way out and decided to take a short cut down the Strawberry Line to Sanford and Banwell.  Going out that way, checked on the rhyne that was full of rubbish last Monday.  The council had replied saying the job had been completed.  When I looked, it was no different.  I can only presume they had passes it on to the Land Owner or Water Board. A bit disappointed with that.

The Co-op at Banwell Hill.

Still feeling a bit peaky going through Banwell so stopped at the convenience store half way up the hill going towards Weston.  Sat in the bus shelter for a bit, munching a Mars Bar (sugar will give the required energy) and the last 7 miles didn't feel too bad.

Invade Weston?  We are prepared.

Entering Weston on the Locking Road there is a few industrial complexes and one of them is a Helicopter Museum (The world's largest is its boast).  One of their new acquisitions is this ballistic missile, sitting there waiting to repel all boarders.  Looks an evil piece of kit.

Didn't feel too good when I got home and was horrified to see I had done 23.8 miles.  0.3 short of the weeks target.  Will have to have a ride down the prom tomorrow morning.

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