Thursday, 9 March 2017

Coventry Cracker 25

Back in Leamington for a couple of days, a good opportunity to cover some new ground.  Unfortunately, Mick had family commitments and couldn't make the ride so Graham and I went over to see him, enticed there by a promise of tea and cake!   Quite a hilly ride, (by Somerset standards) though the weather made up for it, 14 degrees, a clear sky and a moderate wind.

The black cat

Rode out of Leamington and to avoid the traffic at just after rush hour time in Kenilworth,  went out through Staoneleigh and past the University of Warwick.  Near to the bus station there spotted this weird figure.  Presumably it is a large cat with a huge tail wearing clothes and what look likes flippers.  No plaque  or information board nearby  but a Google search reveal that it is one of seven cat-figures anxiously pacing around apparently gripped by remorse or dejection. Called  'Days of Judgment' these figures were inspired by a Renaissance painting called the 'Expulsion from the Garden of Eden'.  Now you know.  Must be 6 more to find, now there is a challenge.

Crocii at Abbey Fields.

After spending some time with Mick (very nice tea and tea cakes by the way), rode back through Kenilworth to Leamington.  Graham and I could not help be impressed by this colourful display of crocuses at the edge of the Abbey Fields in Kenilworth.  Hats off to the council ground-staff.

Cycled down some lanes for the first time today.  A pleasure to be out today.  Covered 25 miles in all.

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