Tuesday, 21 February 2017

With the Old Gits, Reverse Route 22

Old Gits ride today, it is certainly a day for waterproof clothing, the cloud is very low and the forecast is for rain during the morning.  And they were right.  12 Old Gits met up at the northern end of the prom and cycled out to Caffle's Garden Centre via Sand Bay and Wick St Lawrence.

Puxton Lane Hewish

Nicely fed and watered at the garden centre, time to head back to Weston via Banwell.  After cycling down a short stretch of the A370, the group normally waits in Puxton Lane to make sure everybody got across the main road OK.  By this time the mist had turned to drizzle and the waterproof gear came into its own.

Summer Lane Banwell

Another place to regroup after cycling along Silver Moor Lane near Hewish is at the top of Summer Lane.  At this point there is about 7 miles to go before we hit Weston again.  Still raining by the way.
You may recall the previous post showed some fly tipping by the River Banwell.  It was reported to the council, with photo, and it is pleasing to report it has all gone now.  Well done to NSBC.

Completed just over 22 miles today in the rain.  We haven't had a wet one like this for some time now thankfully.  First job back at the ranch was to give the bike a good clean.  After riding through a couple of farmyards it needed it!

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