Sunday, 19 February 2017

Blast to Banwell 20

A quick blast out today to get the mileage up.  The weather is being kind at the moment, another dry day, a bit overcast and not too windy. Going out to Banwell  via Hewish and making a circuit of it by returning to Weston through Locking.

Fly Tipping

The scourge of the countryside.  This pile of rubbish had been dumped in Silver Moor Lane Puxton right next to the River Banwell.  Vans and commercial vehicles have to pay to take their rubbish to a council tip which is a big incentive to carry on with this practice of antisocial fly tipping.  This photo will be sent off to the local council.
PS.  The bike is mine, definitely not due down the tip yet!

Clocked up 20 miles today, making the total for the week 155, the best weekly total I have done so far.  Must be something I have eaten!

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