Saturday, 18 February 2017

Went Right in Wendover! 41

Mission accomplished!  After yesterday's failure at finding a certain cafe, did some research before going out with Ordnance Survey maps displayed all over the table.  Think it has been cracked this time.  Went out through Mark towards Wedmore then headed SE at Mudgely (love that name) towards Westhay and two thirds of the way between Wedmore and Westhay found the tea rooms.

Heads and Tails

Leaving Mark, noticed these 'statues' in the grounds of the Hugh Sexey Middle School.  They were not too far from the open front gates and with it being Saturday, thought it safe to pop in and take a picture.  A bronze plaque showed the wicker structure was entitled 'Heads and Tails' and was a joint venture between this school and another local one.  The sign was dated 2003 so 14 years on, this has lasted pretty well.

Sweet's Tea Rooms

This is what I was after yesterday.  The 18 months since the last visit had wiped the memory of the way to get here completely.  Luckily the research prior to today's ride paid off and found it no problem.  Part of the attraction was to check out the cycle racks and they did not disappoint.  Scaffold poles held up by posts provided a good place to hang the bikes from.  Seemed a bit odd, but mine was the only one locked to the bar.  Must be trustworthy round these parts.  Settled for just a mug of tea and it was huge.  I did point out to the lady serving that I wanted to drink the tea, not wash my bike in it.  Good choice of cakes etc which is why this place is popular at weekends with the local riders.

Couldn't resist calling in at the Bay View cafe at Burnham on the way back;  it was quite busy, it being lunchtime, so settled for a mug (normal size).  Covered 41 miles again today, well chuffed with that.

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