Thursday, 16 February 2017

Went Wrong in Wendover 41

A good day for cycling today, dry, not much wind and a target in mind.  A cafe out near Wedmore that has, I think, some interesting bike racks.  Checked the ordnance survey before leaving, confident in the knowledge of its location.  Over confident perhaps, took the wrong road out of Wedmore and missed it entirely.  Never mind, ended up at the Bay View cafe in Burnham with a plate of beans on toast and a mug of tea.  Day wasn't wasted then.

Road closed

This was on the Wedmore to Mark road (Shouldn't have been here at all really).  Passing several Road Closed signs, wasn't too sure whether it was actually possible to get through.  Never failed yet.  This was no different, there was enough room for a pedestrian or cyclist to get through so did not have to retrace the 2 miles back to Wedmore.

Like it

Leaving Burnham on Sea, full of beans, went to the little local independent cinema to include it on the blog.  With it being school holidays there was a lot of kids and youngsters going in and out of it so not really appropriate to start taking photographs.  Saw this hoarding nearby and had to include it today, just appeals to my sense of humour.  One to put in next year's valentine card?  Perhaps not!

Just under 41 miles today.  Going well this week.  Oh yes, checked the maps and know what went wrong now.  Next time.

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