Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Out with Old Gits 22

A freezing, foggy morning, ideal for a ride around the countryside with the Old Gits Club.  The fog was not as bad as anticipated but the roads were icy in places and it was cold all morning.  Early on, it was decided that it would be unwise to use the scheduled route as there were hilly bends in that one that have caused problems in the past in similar weather.  Took a slightly shorter way but even then, some of the roads surfaces were not too clever. No-one came off thankfully.
To add to the mileage a bit, we deviated onto a cycleway thats run along the edge of St Georges estate in Weston, that proved very popular.  Ten riders turned up, not a bad turn out considering.  No photos today, far too cold to get the camera out!

Clocked 22 miles today.

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