Monday, 23 January 2017

Burnham Bash 28

Another reasonable day, colder than was thought though.  Was not the need to layer up so much but it was surprising to see the drainage ditches on the Somerset Levels frozen.  Did not stop the birds coming out; saw 5 herons, 2 little egrets, 2 buzzards and little flocks of redwings and fieldfares.  You will have to take my word for it, not one would stop and pose.  A circular route today out to Mark and Highbridge before snacking at the Bay View Cafe

Low Calorie Sport

Left the cafe and spotted this lonely figure trying to drown his maggot off the end of the public walkway at Butnham. I had been watching from the cafe but did not see him move much at all.  If he did catch anything, there would be far more calories in the fish than it took to catch it.  Is that negative equity?  At least I can go home home knowing that I used far more calories than the cheese on toast I had at the cafe.  Note to self, leave smug mode immediately.                                                                                        

North Devon

Whilst photographing the man piling on the pounds, noticed it was quite a picturesque view across the River Parrett estuary looking towards the North Devon coast.  The distant hills were shrouded in mist not captured here unfortunately.


Nearly home now going through the village of Uphill when this sign suddenly presented itself.  It was around 1.30pm and apart from the ice on the rhynes had seen no evidence of frozen roads.  It was obvious that the road had been gritted and salted so why on a 200 yard stretch this should be a problem is not clear.  Took care anyway and stayed upright thank goodness.

Just over 28 miles today.  Nice ride.


  1. Virtually cycling the length of Britain -
    When it gets to cold Ken !

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  3. Impressive virtual ride but would rather be outside despite the cold.