Friday, 27 January 2017

Roundabout Wrington 30

Yesterday was a bit of a rubbish day weatherwise. Strong easterly winds and with the chill factor, it was bitter.  No fun going out in those conditions.  Today was a vast improvement, still chilly but bearable.  Did a circular route out to Banwell, Sanford, Churchill and stopping for tea at the Red Beetle Tea Rooms at Wrington.  Back to Weston via Congresbury and Puxton.


Leaving the tea rooms, had almost given up looking for something interesting to photograph when these snowdrops appeared.  These were on the Wrington Road, at Congresbury, and this just has to be the first indication that spring is not too far away.  A few miles further on, stopped on a little bridge in Puxton, over the River Oldbridge and saw 2 herons, one to the west, one to the east, in the river. And 2 cormorants, one in the river, the other drying his wings at the top of a tall tree. Had to stop and relish the moment.

29.7 miles recorded on Strava.  That will go in the log as a 30 miler.

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