Thursday, 15 December 2016

Tysoe Trot 40

Met up with Graham in Leamington today and we took a ride down to Tyson, heading for the tea room there.  We did try this two weeks ago but rain stopped play!  Went out through Wellesbourne and Oxhill, tea at the tea room and back through Kineton and Bishops Tachbrook.  Not a bad day at all, a moderate breeze from the SE, double figures temperature and dry weather.  Could not ask for better.

Where are the cops?

These two old wrecks have been left/abandoned on the Tachbrook Road for months if not years.  Two very early Morris Oxfords, about mid to late fifties, parked on a road should have the relevant documents (at quite an expense) or taken off the road altogether.  Methinks the local bobbies are not paying attention enough when patrolling (do they still do that?) down this busy A class road.

Two more old wrecks!

Yours truly on the left and Graham enjoying tea and toasted tea cake at the Tysoe Tea Rooms.  It was my turn to pay and was horrified to find I did not have enough to pay the bill and had to borrow a pound from Graham to avoid having to wash up.  Nice little place, can recommend it.

The Tea Rooms

The tea rooms at Middle Tysoe share a premises with the local post office and store.

Good ride with a good mate.  Covered 40 miles in all.

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