Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Old Gits Reverse Route 22

Met up with the other Old Gits at the end of the prom and 13 of us (plus one guest on a tandem) headed out to Kewstoke and Sand Bay towards the tea stop at the Caffles Garden Centre.  Two of us took the same route back and left the remainder to complete the usual reverse circuit.

At the Crem

Stopping outside the Crematorium to allow everybody to catch up.  One of the lads had a possible slow puncture which required 6 others to stand round and watch.  A bit concerned in case passing motorists thought we was all waiting for the Crematorium to open for business!

Bournville Sculpture Trail

As promised on a previous blog, on the way back home, went down the cycle path that bisects the Bourneville Housing Estate.  Several of the items have been on here before but the next three are new.  The first is flying ducks, the second one is an oak carving of one of the plant seeds that can be seen in the area and the third is fish, which turn in the wind.

Another surprisingly warm day.  As someone remarked, good enough to wear shorts.  Covered 22 miles today.

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